Farmers surrounded DM's office out of control after seeing their dry soybean crop

Published on: 07-Sep-2023

DM Shivraj Singh Verma says that not only in Khargone district, there was no rain in the entire state during August. There has been very little rainfall and information about crop damage has been received from farmers. We have also alerted the team of the Agriculture Department and Revenue Department and asked them to monitor the commodity situation and go to the fields and see what is the condition of the crops.

Frustrated farmers surrounded the DM office due to the drying up of soybean crops in Khargone, Madhya Pradesh. Farmers reached DM's office with dry soybean crops. But, seeing the gate of DM's office closed, the anger of the farmers increased further. The farmers opened the gate of the DM office and entered inside. They surrounded the DM office and staged a dharna there, after which the farmers of Jhirnya fed the dry soybean crop to the animals.

Angered by the drying up of soybean and cotton crops across Khargone district, a large number of farmers reached the DM office carrying dry soybean crops. The farmers got angry when the gate of the DM complex was closed. The angry farmers opened the door and reached the DM office shouting slogans. Slogans were raised against the electricity officer and DM. A large number of farmers sat on strike. Farmers arrived from Bhikangaon, Bhagwanpura, Barwah, Maheshwar, and Jhirnya tehsils of the entire district.

Angry farmers raised slogans against the administration and DM

Farmers raised slogans against the government, police, administration, and DM in front of the DM office. Farmers staged a protest in front of the DM office for several hours. After getting assurance of 2 days from the district administration, the farmers ended their protest at around 5 pm.

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The electricity company is doing its own thing - Farmers Union

Farmers Union District President Sadashiv Patidar says that the electricity distribution company has made a schedule to provide electricity for 7 hours as per their wish. We had gathered here through a memorandum to give information. But the question remains that the gate of the collector's office was closed before our arrival. Due to this, the farmers became aggressive and all the farmers have reached here. Presently DM Saheb is residing at home and information has been received that he is very busy in elections. Our point is that when there are no people left to vote, then for whom will the elections be held? It has been said by the electricity distribution company that this schedule has been prepared from above.