Selecting these varieties for spinach cultivation will be beneficial.

Published on: 26-Sep-2023

Farmers can cultivate spinach to get better profits. Let us tell you that in India, spinach is cultivated in all three crop cycles, Rabi, Kharif, and Zaid. For this, there should be a better drainage system in the field. Also, light loamy soil produces excellent spinach leaves.

Farmer brothers, take special care of these things

For cultivation of spinach on one hectare of land, 30 kg of seeds are required. At the same time, if farming is done through the sprinkling method, 40 to 45 kg of seeds are required. Before sowing, treat the seeds with 2 grams of Captan per kilogram, so that the yield is good. For the sowing of spinach, keep row to row distance of 25–30 cm and a plant-to-plant distance of 7–10 cm. For spinach cultivation, improved varieties with high production can be selected according to climate and soil.

All Green

For your information, let us tell you that the green leafy spinach variety is ready in 15 to 20 days. After sowing once, it can cut leaves six to seven times. This variety undoubtedly gives more production. But, if cultivated during winter, it produces seeds and leaves in 70 days. 

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Pusa Harit

Many farmers cultivate Pusa Harit to ensure round-the-year consumption. Spinach grows straight upwards. Also, its leaves are dark green and large. There are many benefits of cultivating it on alkaline soil.

Desi Palak

Desi spinach is sold at very good prices in the market. Desi spinach leaves are small, smooth, and oval. It gets prepared very quickly. Most of the farmers cultivate it for this reason.

Vilayati Palak

The seeds of foreign spinach are round and thorny. It is more beneficial to grow thorny seeds in hilly and cold places. Round varieties are also cultivated in the plains.