There is a tremendous demand for spinach in winter, farmers choose its improved varieties

By: MeriKheti
Published on: 31-Oct-2023

Among the major varieties of spinach, Sampoorna Hari, Pusa Green, Pusa Jyoti, Jobner Green and Hisar Selection-23 are the most grown varieties. Today we will give you information about these varieties as well as their high demand. As soon as winter arrives, the name of green vegetables comes first among the things that are going to be eaten the most. Among them, soya-fenugreek, spinach, bathua and mustard greens are the most special. Of these, today we are going to tell you about some major varieties of spinach. Actually, farmers also cultivate spinach due to its high demand. According to Ayurveda, spinach has the highest iron content. Which helps in controlling haemoglobin in our health. Due to this, this vegetable is in highest demand among the people.

Spinach Variety whole green

The plants of this species of spinach are generally green in colour. At an interval of 5 to 20 days, the leaves soften and become ready for harvesting. Explain that it can be harvested 6 to 7 times. This major variety of spinach gives more production. In the cold season, seeds and stalks come after about two and a half months.

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Spinach Variety Pusa Jyoti

This is another advanced variety of spinach, whose leaves are excessively soft and fibrous. Plants of this species grow quite fast. Also, the leaves are ready for harvesting, which also leads to higher yields.

Spinach Variety Jobner Green

The main feature of the Jobner green species is that it can be grown even in acidic soils. All the leaves of this variety of spinach are uniformly green, thick, soft and juicy. Its leaves melt easily when cooked.

Spinach Variety Pusa Green

This magnificent variety of spinach is suitable for hilly areas. Also, it can be grown here throughout the year. Its plants grow upwards. Also, the colour of the leaves is dark green. Its leaves are also quite large in size. The specialty of this variety is that it can be grown in a variety of climates. It can also be easily cultivated in acidic soil.