In this state 70% subsidy is provided encourage marigold cultivation

Published on: 20-Nov-2023

Many schemes have been run by the Bihar government for the farmers. The government is providing grants for the cultivation of marigold flowers. The government is also providing a subsidy of up to 70 percent to the farmers for cultivating this flower.

The marigold flower is used in everything from puja recitation to decoration works. This flower is very beautiful. To encourage the cultivation of this flower the Bihar state government is providing subsidy to the farmers. The Bihar government has prepared a new scheme to promote the cultivation of marigold flowers. Under this scheme, 70 percent subsidy is being given by the government for the cultivation of marigold flowers. Cultivation of marigold flowers is very beneficial. There is always a demand for these flowers. These flowers are used in wedding ceremonies, wedding ceremonies, religious rituals and decorations.

The Bihar government will provide up to 70 per cent subsidy.

The Bihar government says that farmers will get more money from the cultivation of marigold flowers. This will also provide employment to the people of the state.Under this scheme, farmers will spend Rs 40,000 for cultivating marigold flowers in one acre. The government will provide Rs 28,000 or 70 per cent of the cost as grant.

The cultivation of flowers will increase in Bihar.

Farmers have to apply to the Horticulture Department / Agriculture Department of the concerned district to get the benefit of this scheme. Along with the application, farmers will have to submit documents for the purchase of land patta, fertilizer, seeds and other materials. The government believes that the cultivation of marigold flowers in Bihar will increase with this scheme. This will boost agricultural yield and also the income of farmers.

Things to keep in mind

Loamy soil is considered most suitable for the cultivation of marigold flowers. 6-8 hours of sunlight is required for its cultivation. About 10 tonnes of manure per acre is required to cultivate marigold flower. Also, 100 kg of urea, 50 kg of DAP and 50 kg of potash are required per acre for marigold flower cultivation. Apart from this, there should also be a good arrangement of irrigation for the cultivation of marigold flowers.