Female farmer Shikha Chaudhary has also provided employment opportunities for other women and youth.

Published on: 27-Sep-2023

Farmer Shikha Chaudhary is a role model for other women. Today, with her hard work and wisdom, she is earning huge profits and is also providing employment opportunities to the youth. As we all know, women are keeping pace with men in every field. If we talk about the country's politics and or agriculture sector, today we will tell you the story of one such woman farmer who is an example for other women. These women farmers are earning huge profits. Further in this article we will tell you about this female farmer Shikha Chaudhary.

Where is female farmer Shikha Chaudhary from?

For your information, let us tell you that this woman farmer Shikha Chaudhary is a resident of Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. Apart from being a woman farmer, she is also a woman agri-entrepreneur. With the help of KVK, women farmers gained knowledge about marketing of food products and today they are earning good profits. Apart from this, she is also representing a women self-help group. In the initial times he had a lot of responsibilities. Also, due to recession, job opportunities in the district also reduced. Keeping all these things in mind, Shikha started a self-help group.

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Shikha Chaudhary provided employment opportunities to the youth

Currently, her group is earning an additional income of Rs 1 lakh 38 thousand as compared to the year 2017-18. Shikha Chaudhary has also provided employment to the remaining unemployed youth.

Shikha Chaudhary prepared various products

Shikha's family owns a 10 Kanal piece of land. Where she cultivates wheat, paddy and vegetables. Along with this, Shikha is engaged in cultivation and marketing of oyster mushroom. In the vocational training program organized by KVK in the year 2016, got information about many aspects of food marketing products including scientific processing. After this, she prepared many products of her group, which include Seera, Sepubadi, Dalia, Pickles, Mango Powder, Triphala Churna, Sevai etc.