Farmers can get the soil test report of their fields sitting at home through the post office.

Published on: 12-Oct-2023

The Maharashtra government is going to start testing facilities through the post office to remove the problems of the soil testing center of farmers. With its help, farmers will be able to get soil test reports sitting at home on their mobile phones. For this, the government will upgrade its tehsils with new technologies. To help the farmers, along with the Central Government, the State Governments also keep helping them at their level.

In this context, the Maharashtra government is going to take an important step for the farmers of the state. This step of the government is related to the soil of the farmer. Let us tell you that the Maharashtra government will increase soil testing centers at the local level in the state. So that farmers can get their soil tested in less time. For this, the government is bringing testing facilities through the post office. Farmers can send their field soil samples to the testing center with the help of their nearest local post office. After this, the report will be received sitting at home. If the soil testing center is far from your home, now with the help of a post office you can easily send the soil sample of your farm to the testing center without any expense. Farmers can then get the soil test reports on their mobile phones.

Soil test reports will be provided to farmers at home

State Agriculture Minister Dhananjay Munde recently said at the Phoenix Foundation College of Agriculture that to improve the quality of the soil, the state government has decided to conduct testing through the post office. He further said that from now on, farmers can send soil samples to the testing centers of their respective tehsils through local post offices. Then he can get the report on his mobile phone sitting at home within seven days. All information about soil will be available in this report. Like what is lacking in the soil and what type of fertilizers are to be used in it. Also, which crops will the farmer get profit by planting in this soil?

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The work of soil testing of the field will be done at tehsil level.

Every work of soil testing will be done at the tehsil level. Soil testing centers have been constructed in all the tehsils of the state. The work of upgrading those centers with more new technologies will start, so that farmers can get the soil test reports at their homes in less time without any hassle.