Get the soil tested through the Soil Health Card Scheme to get excellent yield

Published on: 24-Oct-2023

Farmers must get the soil of the field tested for best crop yield. Soil Health Cards will have to be made to get the soil tested. The government is running various schemes to benefit the farmers. Farmers can get the best yield of the crop. For this, Soil Health Card Scheme is being run. Under this scheme, farmers get the soil of their fields tested. After getting the investigation done, they do farming on the basis of the report, which costs them much less. Also, the production is quite good.

Laboratories have been created to test the soil of farmers' fields. Where scientists prepare a list of properties and defects present in it after examining the soil. This list contains information and accurate advice related to the soil. Farmers get better crop yield by farming under soil health cards. Also, the balance of the soil remains stable.

How to make a Soil Health Card

To prepare Soil Health Card, farmer brothers, you first have to go to the official website After that, login by filling the information sought on the home page. Now select the state when the page opens. If you are applying for the first time, you will have to select the option of registered new user. Farmer brothers fill all the details sought in the application form correctly. After this, click on the submit button. If they face any problem, they can also contact the helpline number 011-24305591 and 011-24305948. At the same time, e-mail can also be made on

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Benefits of Soil Health Card Scheme

For your information, let you know that under this scheme, any Indian farmer can easily get the soil of his farm tested. Through this card, farmers can get information about which nutrients are lacking in the soil. Also, how much water to use and which crop to cultivate will give them more profit. After the card is created, the farmer is provided information about productive capacity, moisture level in the soil, soil health, quality as well as ways to improve the weaknesses of the soil.