Solis 5515 E 4WD-Tackles agricultural tasks with great features and a great warranty

Published on: 05-Feb-2024

Wherever the word "farming" appears, it is always followed by the word "tractor." If you're looking for a strong tractor with decent mileage for farming, the Solis 5515 E 4WD tractor is an excellent choice. This Solis E tractor features a 4087 cc engine that generates 55 horsepower  and 2000 RPM.

Farming involves the use of a variety of agricultural equipment. The most essential of these is the tractor. Because the farmer may easily do a variety of main farming jobs with the tractor and control it by linking it to other agricultural equipment. Farming takes less time since farmers use tractors.

What are the  special attributes of the Solis 5515 E 4WD?

The Solis 5515 E 4WD tractor features a coolant-cooled engine with four cylinders and a displacement of 4087 cc, producing 230 NM torque and 55 HP power. The company's tractor features a dry type air filter. This Solis tractor has a maximum PTO power of 47.3 HP and an engine speed of 2000 RPM. The company's tractor features a 65-litre gasoline tank. The Solis 5515 E 4WD tractor has a lifting capability of 2000 kg. The company's tractor weighs a total of 2640 kg. This Solis tractor is meant to be 3900 mm long and 1990 mm wide, with a 2320 MM wheelbase.

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What are the features of the Solis 5515 E 4WD?

You can witness Power Steering in the Solis 5515 E 4WD tractor. This tractor features a transmission with ten forward and five reverse gears. This company's tractor features a dual/double clutch. This Solis tractor can reach a forward speed of 34.13 kmph. This tractor from the firm has Multi Disc Outboard Oil Immersed Brakes. It features Reverse PTO power takeoff, which produces 540 RPM. The Solis 5515 E tractor has four-wheel drive. This tractor is equipped with 9.50 x 24 front tyres and 16.9 x 28 rear tyres.In this tractor you get to see many features including dynamic styling, instrument cluster, high PTO power, LED guidelines and spacious platform.

What is the pricing of the Solis 5515 E 4WD?

The ex-showroom pricing of the Solis 5515 E 4WD tractor in India is between Rs 10.60 lakh and Rs 11.40 lakh. The on-road price of this Solis 5515 E 4WD tractor may vary depending on the RTO registration and road tax imposed in each state. The business offers a 5-year warranty on the Solis 5515 E 4WD Tractor.