Some measures to save crops from frost due to cold

By: Merikheti
Published on: 09-Jan-2024

Due to frost in winter, the problem of farmers also increases significantly. We usually see that farmers produce smoke on their fields when there is frost. If you are in the rural environment or will live near it, in the cold, you must have seen that as the cold increases, the problems of farmers increase significantly. Not only this, farmers produce smoke to preserve their crops. Today we will tell you what causes the farmers to produce smoke in their fields and how farmers protect their crops by smoke.

Nowadays due to cold, there is extreme frost in fields

As we all know, there is frost in fields during winter. Due to the frost in the field, the temperature goes below zero degree centigrade. In such a situation, there is snow due to cold in the cells of the plant. This is why cells die. Therefore, farmers take old measures in the fields to preserve trees and plants from frost.

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The trick to protect the fields from the extreme frost

Farmers take a variety of measures to protect the fields from frost during the winter season. The most successful and useful measure among them is to plant big trees such as rosewood, acacia, berries etc. on the edges of the field. After a few years, these trees become property of farmers. Also, their task is airtight (preventing air) for the field. Farmers who cannot plant trees on the edges of their fields produce smoke in the fields. This remedy is considered very old and extremely effective. Because of this, farmers produce smoke in the fields in winter.

What are the benefits of producing smoke inside the fields?

During the cold time, when there is frost, farmers produce smoke in the fields. Due to smoke the crop survives the frost. Because, by smoking, the greenhouse effect produces in the field, in which heat can come in but cannot go out of it. Due to this, the temperature inside the field increases immensely and crops are saved from frost outbreaks.