Sonalika Solis SV 26: Learn about the price and characteristics of Sonalika Solis SV 26

Published on: 22-Dec-2023

The tractor proves to be a spinal cord for agriculture and farmers in today's time. Sonalika Company has launched its electric tractor in the market. Sonalika SV26 tractor has been made by keeping the needs of farmers at the centre. This tractor comes with various leading features, which makes farming easier as well as reduces expenses. Electric vehicles in the Indian market are making their own place in the entire segment. Currently in the tractor category, battery -operated tractors have been launched by many big companies.One of these Sonalika Companies has also presented its own electric tractor in the market. Keeping the needs of farmers, Sonalika Solis SV 26 tractor has been prepared. For your information,  Solis Tractor is the global tractor brand of International Tractor Limited, which is also known as Sonalika Tractors in India. If we talk about the battery available in this electric tractor, then it has also been provided with a very large battery and ability to lift more weight.

What are the features of Sonalika Solis SV 26

Inside the Sonalika Company's Sonalika Solis SV 26 tractor, you have been provided with a 326 AH battery, which comes with a power of 17 kW. Actually, it contains a powerful motor, which makes it sufficient to do all the functions of its agriculture. This electric tractor can be taken into work for about 7 to 8 hours in the signal charge.

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 inside this SV series tractor, you are provided with Redail Agri, Agri, Turf, Industrial and Galaxy type tires. This solace tractor generates 2100 rpm from the motor. Sonalika Company has kept a very attractive design of this electric tractor, in its front you get to see 4 LED lamps. LED lamps are also seen in its rear. With this electric tractor you can lift up to 750 kg.

How much is the price of Sonalika Solis SV 26 in the market

Sonalika Company has not unveiled its Sonalika Solis SV 26 tractor even today in the Indian market. As soon as the company unveiled this tractor in India, the price of tractors of this Solis company was first determined between 4.70 lakh and 9.49 lakh rupees. More than 30 models are available in the market of Solis Company.