Sow wheat with zero tillage technology and save Rs 1500 per acre

Published on: 01-Nov-2023

Rabi season has started, wheat sowing has started in many states. In this article, we will talk to you about a good method of sowing wheat, which is named Zero Tillage Technology. Sowing of wheat from zero tillage machine will save Rs 1500 per acre. To increase the productivity of wheat, the Department of Agriculture is also encouraging this technology for farming. If the farmer sows wheat with zero tillage technology, he will have two benefits. The first advantage is that the amount of seeds will be reduced and second will save time and money.

What is zero tillage technology?

By using zero tillage seed drill, the farmer can sow the field easily. In this technique, after harvesting of the previous crop, its standing remains or fan can be spoiled without preparing the field. Therefore it is called the technique of direct sowing or zero tillage technology. Subhash Rawat, scientist of agricultural science centre Khandwa, said that wheat seeds and fertiliser can be sown simultaneously in the fields with zero tillage machine. Time is saved in this way. It is easy to apply wheat after the paddy is cut. Productivity increases due to the correct distance from the plant to the plant.

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First irrigation after 15 to 20 days

After 15 to 20 days, first irrigation should be done in the wheat crop of zero tillage. In case of excess moisture in the field, first irrigation should be done according to general advice. Do additional irrigation as per the requirement. Do not allow waterlogging in the field. Many farmers are taking great advantage by adopting this type of technology and the fertility of the land is increasing.

It is necessary to have moisture in the field

Take care of moisture in the field while sowing wheat. When there is proper moisture in the field, then you should sow with a zero tillage machine. Irrigate the paddy crop a week in advance when there is less moisture. Sow wheat in proper moisture after paddy harvesting. It can benefit from this.

50 percent grant to SC-ST and 40 percent to general category

HI-8663 (Nutrition), Pusa Tejas, Pusa Ujala, J-W3336, JW (MP) 3288, MP3382 can be sown by December. On zero tillage machines, small marginal farmers and women class SC/AC will get 50 percent grant and general category farmers will get 40 percent grant. Apart from this, 10 thousand rupees topup of the state government is being given.

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Benefits of sowing wheat from zero tillage seed drill

  • After cutting paddy by traditional method, spending on ploughing 5-6 times can be saved by Rs 1500-2000 per acre for the preparation of cultivation for wheat sowing.
  • If there is proper moisture in the soil after harvesting of paddy, you can get 20 to 25 days in the period of sowing wheat.
  • The depth between wheat is 3-5 cm. A layer of light soil falls. Seed deposits are good.
  • The manure added in the crop gives doses directly to the plants.
  • 10-15% water is left.

Suitable machine should be selected

The zero til drill machine has 9 to 11 spear blades at a distance of 18 to 20 cm. They are run by adding behind the tractor. You can sow about one acre farm in an hour. In areas where paddy is harvested from combine, many crop residues are saved. Wheat cultivation now becomes difficult. Farmers can use Happy seeder here. It has rotor and zero drill machines, which depths wheat grains.

Relief from many diseases will be given by doing seed treatment

Prepare seeds with pesticides, fungicides and organic manure to protect wheat from termites and give more productivity. If the seed is not already treated, add 2 grams of bavistin for vitavax per kg. To avoid flag leaf kangiyari or open kangiyari, do seed treatment per kg raxils. To remove termites, mix a quintal seed with 150 ml chlorpyriphos.

Take precautions for wheat sown with zero tillage technology

At the time of paddy harvesting, the fans of the crop should not be allowed to be very large. The depth of the seed should be 5-6 cm. Put the full quantity of seed fertiliser in the field before sowing. With the help of a screw bolt, the wheels can be up or down on either side of the machine. No one should be clogged by walking behind the machine.