In the winter season, farmers should take special care of these things

Published on: 26-Dec-2023

As we all know, the winter season is going on. Farmers should take better care of the crop in the winter season. In this season, farmers should harm the crops at the right time . Whatever be the weather is, farming is not a comfortable task. The farmers of India work hard day and night and grow crops. Growing crops in winter becomes even more difficult. During this time the temperature is low, affecting the  growth of plants. The possibility of drought in winter is also high. Therefore, farmer should take special care of some things while cultivating in winter.

Farmer should take special care of these things

Farmers should choose such crops in winter that can grow easily in low temperatures. Such crops include cabbage, radish, carrots, radish, spinach, wheat, barley, gram, peas, mustard and potatoes etc. Farmers should choose the appropriate seeds for farming in this season. The seeds should be sown in the field only after drying it well. The right time for sowing in winter is very important. Plants do not grow well due to slow sowing . During this time, farmers require more manure and water. Therefore, a proper amount of manure and water should be given.

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Farmers should make proper water arrangements in their fields. In winter, cold winds should be fenced to preserve plants. The right time for cropping  is very important. Not harming crops at the right time can affect their quality. Weeds should be controlled from time to time. Apart from this, farmers should control diseases and pests from time to time.

The suggestions are as follows

  • Do deep ploughing in the field so that moisture in the soil remains.
  • Add cow dung manure to the field.
  • Water the plants from time to time.
  • Protect plants from diseases and pests.
  • See the right time for harming the  crops.