Learn about the advantages , features and price of this mini tractor of the force company?

Published on: 26-Dec-2023

Farmers need a tractor to do their farming work . Because the tractor plays an important role in completing agricultural works easily. If you are also a farmer and looking for a great performance for your fields, then in such a situation the force pride tractor can prove to be a great option for you. This tractor of the company comes with a powerful engine that can generate 27 HP power including 2200 rpm. Despite being a small tractor, it has the ability to lift about 1 ton of weight.

What are the features of the force pride tractor?

With  this mini tractor Abhiman tractor of the force company, you are provided with a water cooled engine in 3 cylinders with 1947 cc capacity, which can produce 27 HP power. The maximum PTO power of this tractor is 23.2 HP. Also, its engine can produce 2200 rpm. Dry Type Air Filter has been provided in this force tractor . In this Force Abhiman Tractor of the company, you are provided with a 29 -litre capacity fuel tank. The loading capacity of the force pride tractor has been fixed at 900 kg. Also, it comes with a total weight of 2140 kg. The force company has prepared its powerful tractor with a 1345 mm wheelbase.

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What are the features of the force Abhiman tractor?

Force Abhiman tractor This Abhiman tractor is available to customers with power steering. Inside this tractor, 8 Forward + 4 Reverse Gear Gearbox is provided. This tractor of the force provides twin Clutch (IPTO), Dry Mechanical Actuation Type Clutch. Also, it consists of synchromesh type transmission. In this tractor of the force company, you get to see full oil immersed multi plate sealed disk brakes. Force Abhimaan is a 4WD i.e. four wheel drive tractor. This force tractor has 6.5/80 x 12 front tires and 8.3 x 20 rear tires. The force company offers canopies, hooks, bumpers, tools, toplinks and drabar accessories with its Abhiman tractor.

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What is the cost of a force Abhiman tractor?

Force Abhiman Tractor Price has been fixed at Rs 5.90 lakh to Rs 6.15 lakh in India. The on -road price of this pride tractor may vary due to RTO registration and road tax in all states. Force tractor provides the best warranty of up to 3 years with this force Abhiman tractor.