Importance of Pesticides in Protecting Mustard Crops from Aphids

Published on: 28-Dec-2023

Mustard crops are vulnerable to damage caused by aphids. These pests pose a significant threat to the crop's health. As such, experts in agriculture strongly advise the use of pesticides to protect mustard crops from aphids. In India, the Rabi crop season is going on. For now, only some regions are sowing Rabi crops. While in most of the regions sowing is done. Mustard crops are known as the main crop for oilseeds. Indian farmers have sowed mustard crops on a large scale. The protection of crops is an important part of increasing the production of crops. If a farmer is not able to look after his crops then insects will attack crops and destroy the crops. Scientists are recommending the use of pesticides to protect crops from insects. Insects can cause a significant amount of damage to mustard seeds. "It is important to protect the knowledge related to crop protection."

The mustard crops are being destroyed by aphids

Mustard crops are susceptible to various diseases."These crops can also be affected by insects but the biggest danger is aphids. According to scientists, aphids have a yellow and black colour. These pests tend to get stuck on the leaves, stems, and buds of flowers and extract all the nectar from the plants, which makes them thinner. If timely action is not taken, it can cause the plant to turn yellow and eventually die. 

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"Aphids can produce up to 80,000 insects within just 24 hours."

In Hindi, aphids are called  'phudaka' and in English, they are called grasshoppers. This plant is bisexual, which means it can give birth to new insects. Its reproductive system is quite remarkable, as it can produce 80000 offspring in just 24 hours, despite having a lifespan of only 7 days.


If aphids are not controlled, they can destroy entire crops

Mustard seed production is expected to be high in India. However, scientists warn that farmers must take precautions against aphids. "Failure to do so could result in the destruction of entire crops." Insects pose a danger from March to November. 


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Farmers constantly take measures to safeguard their crops against potential damage

Farmers should regularly inspect their mustard crops to check for any signs of damage. They should keep an eye out for aphids and other insects that may harm their crops. If any insects or signs of damage are found, Farmers should seek advice from knowledgeable sources before using pesticides.