This machine will help in removing stones from fields

Published on: 05-Nov-2023

Stone picker machines are very beneficial for farmers from hilly areas. With the help of this machine, farmers of this region can clean their farms more effectively and can achieve better produce. With the help of a stone picker machine, every type of stone can be removed at once from the farm. Different types of crops are being produced in different states of India. Along with this, there is an important role of agricultural equipment in making farming easy. Actually, with the arrival of agricultural tools, farming has been easy in the regions where the soil has too many stones present in it. Whereas, farmers have to face too much difficulty during ploughing. It costs more than usual to plough the farms to the farmers in hilly areas. Considering the situation of farmers, we have brought information about the stone picker machine, which can be very useful for farmers. This machine removes all the small and big stones at once which allows ploughing to be done effectively. Along with this, crop production also improves.

Stone picker machine works like this in farms

To run stone picker machines in farms, farmers need tractors. Because this machine is fitted in the backside of a tractor. Farmers can remove all the stones from one acre of land in just 2 hours. Along with this, it also cleans soil and makes it adequate for farming. So that farmers can plough their fields better and more production could be achieved.

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What are the benefits of stone picker machine 

To make farming work easy in hilly areas

To reduce the time and cost in ploughing

To remove almost all types of Stones from the land

To prevent tha farm soil in order to increase crop production

With the use of this machine, the chances of diseases and inspects reduce in crops 

What is the price of the stone picker machine

Stone picker machines will be proven as very profitable for farmers. In the Indian market, the price of this machine starts from 4 lakh. Small farmers can easily buy this machine by taking bank loan facilities.