To promote vegetable production there is a 75% subsidy in this state.

Published on: 14-Nov-2023

To increase vegetable production and to help farmers in Bihar, the state government is running the Vegetable Development Scheme. According to this scheme, the government is providing a 75% subsidy on the purchase of the seeds. In Bihar, farmers have started sowing vegetables with Rabi crops to promote vegetable production. The government is also supporting them so that the income of farmers can increase along with the production capacity. Along with this, the government is providing grants to encourage vegetable production. Also, a plan is being prepared to encourage more farmers to produce seeds under the Vegetable Development Scheme. 

Bihar government has started the Vegetable Development Scheme, under which grants will be provided for the cultivation of various vegetables. Under this scheme, farmers will get grants for the distribution of seeds of high-value vegetables. The government is also providing subsidies for the cultivation of cucumber, brinjal, and other vegetables without seeds. The online application process for this has also started. Interested farmers have the opportunity to apply so that they can take advantage of this scheme.

The government is providing up to 75% subsidy on seeds.

The Bihar government has decided to provide funds to the farmers on the seeds of improved varieties of vegetables, in which a 75 percent subsidy is included in the unit cost of high-value cucumbers and brinjals. Under the Vegetable Development Scheme, farmers will be provided funds up to the prescribed limit in one sub-component. Funds will be provided for purchases of vegetables worth Rs 1,000 to Rs 10,000. Farmers will also be provided funds for vegetable farming seeds ranging from 0.25 acres to 2.5 acres.


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The application has to be made through online mode.

Horticulture Officer Suraj Pandey says that to avail of the benefits of the Vegetable Development Scheme, farmers will have to apply online. He informed me that this process has now been started. He has said that for the farmers who want to take advantage of the scheme, it is necessary for them to already have a 13-digit DBT number. Let us tell you that those farmers who do not have this number, can get this number by registering on the official website After getting the registration number, farmers can apply online by visiting the link of website.