Subsidy will be provided through lottery on agricultural machinery in these States

By: Merikheti
Published on: 17-Nov-2023

In Bihar, the luck of the farmers will be decided through a lottery. Under the Agricultural Machinery scheme, farmers would have to pass through the process of lottery to buy agricultural machinery. Due to the large population of applying candidates for this scheme, it has been decided. To provide machinery to thousands of farmers, the government is circulating the Agricultural Machinery scheme, in which Machinery is being provided to farmers on the basis of a grant. Last day to apply for these schemes has finished. However, thousands of farmers have already applied to get the benefits of this scheme. Looking at the high population of farmers applying for the scheme, the state government has decided to release the permit on the basis of a lottery. The Agricultural Director has also released a letter for this. According to the letter, the lottery process will take place between 27 to 30 november, through which a permit will be released.

Letter of Acceptance will be provided to selected farmers only 

According to media news, district level agricultural mechanisation fair is expected to happen in the first week of December and second week of January. In this situation, applications received will be checked before the fair. Along with this, for the accepted applications, those farmers will be able to take part in the lottery process. After which the selected farmers will be issued an acceptance letter. According to the directions of the Agricultural Director, in the guidance of the District agricultural officer, applicants will be chosen according to aim by an online lottery through the login id of the Deputy Director. This whole process will take place in the presence of the DM or any recognised official preferred at his level. During this, all the BAOs, regional representatives and progressive farmers will also be present. 

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Purchase must be done in this time period 

Letter of Acceptance issues to the selected farmers in this lottery will be valid for 15 days. Which means that during this time interval, respected farmers would have to buy machines  and it will be mandatory. After getting Acceptance letter, applicants will buy machines only from registered industrial sellers in the agricultural department. Farmers can buy machines by their choice in agricultural fairs or outside the markets. The Department has made this clear, with this scheme, associated farmers could buy machines from adequate sellers by paying the right amount after deducting the granted price on agricultural machines. That grant money will be transferred to the account of a respected farmer. 

Let us know, subsidy is being given on which agricultural machineries 

For your kind information, this is a major financial scheme of the government, under which a subsidy is being provided to 108 farmers. Under this scheme, paddy transplant, mini pulse mill, rice mill, rotavator, pump set, cultivator, power sprayer, manual agricultural machinery kit, paddy thresher, reaper, seed drill, reaper cum binder, irrigation pipes, thresher, two and four WD tractors along with many different agricultural machines are included.