Due to financial constraints, a woman farmer started mushroom cultivation, today she is earning profits worth lakhs.

Published on: 02-Sep-2023

Female farmer Sangeeta Kumari has said that in a poor state like Bihar, it is very important for women to be self-reliant. At present, many women of the state are creating their new identity by joining livelihood. Besides, she is also earning a good income from farming.

Women are also currently walking shoulder to shoulder with men in the state of Bihar. Now whether it is in the field of education or farming. Today women are making their place in every field. Today in this article we will give you information about a woman who is earning lakhs of rupees from vegetable farming. Nowadays this woman farmer is being discussed in all the areas of the district. The main thing is that this woman farmer cultivates green vegetables through the organic method. This is the reason why many people from other villages also come to buy vegetables from him.

The name of the female farmer is Sangeeta Kumari 

For your information, let us tell you that the name of this female farmer is Sangeeta Kumari. She is a native of Phulerpur village of Athamalgola block in Patna district. At present, Sangeeta Kumari is cultivating other green vegetables including mushrooms and potatoes with the help of zero tillage. Along with this, she is also training other women in farming. Sangeeta Kumari says, “Earlier I used to have a shortage of money to meet household expenses. I didn't even have a thousand rupees at that time. But, since I have taken up vegetable farming, their economic condition has changed. Today Sangeeta is earning more than two lakh rupees annually due to farming. Due to this, his family has also become very happy.

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Female farmer Sangeeta started mushroom cultivation 

Female farmer Sangeeta Kumari cultivates mushrooms, potatoes, and other crops in one bigha of land. Besides, he is also working on the post of Chief Minister in Jeevika. According to Sangeeta Kumari, her daughter got married in the year 2015. After this, the financial condition of his house became very bad. Now in such a situation, her husband started a job in a school at Rs 1500 per month. But, it was difficult to meet household expenses with so little money. In such a situation, after joining Jeevika in 2016, Sangeeta took training in cultivating mushrooms and other vegetables in 2019. After this, he came home and started mushroom cultivation. 

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How much income is female farmer Sangeeta earning?

For the first time, he has earned Rs 10,000 by selling mushrooms. Also, potatoes have been grown in two pots through the zero tillage method. This yielded more than 40 maunds of potatoes. Sangeeta Kumari further says that along with cultivating potatoes in one bigha, she also produces other vegetables including tomato, cabbage, chili, and brinjal. Due to this, he is earning more than Rs 2 lakh in a year.