Sugarcane price will increase in this state, sugarcane farmers will get benefits

Published on: 20-Jan-2024

The Yogi government may soon give a gift to the farmers of Uttar Pradesh. The state government may increase the price of sugarcane in the coming days. Keeping in mind the interest of farmers, the UP government may soon announce the prices of sugarcane. After implementing this decision, farmer brothers will get a much higher price of sugarcane.


According to sources, the government may increase the prices of sugarcane by Rs 15 to Rs 25 in the next few days. Besides, the sugarcane minister of the state has also given such indications in his talks. However, by how much will the increase be made? There is no confirmation of this at present.

 Sugarcane farmers are continuously demanding price increase

As we all know, there is a continuous demand from farmers to increase the SAP of sugarcane. However, its price has increased in the state over the years. In Uttar Pradesh, the last time before the 2022 assembly elections, the sugarcane price was increased to Rs 350 and Rs 360 per quintal. In the meeting of the State Consulted Sugarcane Pricing Recommendation Committee held on Friday under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary Durga Shankar Mishra, sugarcane farmers demanded a price increase due to the increasing cost of production.


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Sugarcane price will be announced as soon as possible

At the same time, representatives of the Sugar Mill Association have raised many problems and demanded to keep the prices unchanged. After hearing everything, the Chief Secretary said that the sugarcane price would be declared as soon as possible. The related proposal will soon be placed before the Cabinet for approval. RLD and SP are continuously demanding from the government to increase the sugarcane price. According to many reports, the government may also relieve sugar mills. To reduce the expenses incurred due to the increase in sugarcane prices, the government can provide a facility of one to two rupees in transportation freight to the mills.