Price of Surati buffalo and ability to give milk

Published on: 13-Nov-2023

Surati buffalo are known by various names. The buffaloes of this species are seen in Kheda and Baroda in Gujarat between Mahi and Sabarmati rivers. Its average production capacity occurs during 1600–1800 liters per weight. Surati buffalo gives milk up to 15 liters of milk daily, which gives great benefit to dairy farmers. In rural areas of India, the farmers are of course more emphasis. However, farmers' interest in animal husbandry, including farming, has increased. It is now being widely done in India, which you can assess by the fact that Hindustan is second in the field of animal husbandry today. 

Keeping the increasing demand for dairy products in India, milk consumption has also increased, due to which the dairy business is flourishing. Farmers are earning better income from this. If you also want to increase your earnings through a farmer and dairy business, then in this news we will tell you about the buffalo breed, which produces more milk.

Surati breed buffalo’s ability to produce milk

Surati buffalo is a species of water buffalo, which is found in Kheda and Baroda in Gujarat between Mahi and Sabarmati rivers. The best buffaloes of this breed are found in Baroda, Anand and Kaira districts of Gujarat. Its average production capacity is 1600–1800 liters per weight, its milk is 8-12 percent of the fat content. Buffalo of this breed can give milk up to 15 liters per day. Its color is brown to silver, black or brown. At the same time, its horn is a medium -sized pointed torso, tall head and sickle -shaped horn.

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Price of Surati breed buffalo

Surati buffalo is also known by various names, which depend on areas. In different areas, they are known by different names, such as Gujarati, Nadiadi, Talabara, Charaotari and Dakkani. Due to high milk production capacity of Surati buffalo, it is counted in advanced breeds of buffalo. In such a situation, if you also want to make this buffalo a source of income, then tell you that the price of buffalo of this breed in the market is between 40 thousand rupees to 50 thousand rupees.