Specifications and features of Swaraj 744 XT Tractor, The Undisputed King of Ploughing & Haulage

Published on: 19-Jan-2024
Updated on: 20-May-2024

Tractors play a crucial role in a farmer’s life. Tractors are extremely useful to farmers. If you are also interested in buying a powerful tractor to make  the practice of agriculture easy, then Swaraj 744 XT Tractor is the best possible option for you.

Swaraj 744 XT Tractor offers 50 HP with 2000 RPM by a 3478 CC engine.In India, the tractors produced by Swaraj have been playing a very important role in farming from decades. The speciality that these Swaraj tractors offer is a powerful engine with a excellent mileage.


Special Traits of Swaraj 744 XT:

The Swaraj 744 XT tractor features a 3478 cc capacity three-cylinder water-cooled engine that generates 50 horsepower. This tractor features a wet type clutch. This company tractor has a maximum PTO power of 44 horsepower. Additionally, its engine produces 2000 RPM. Swaraj 744 XT tractor can lift 1700 kg. The total weight of this Swaraj tractor is 2070 kg. Swaraj tractor measures 3575 mm in length, 1845 mm in width, and has a wheelbase of 2250 mm.

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Features of Swaraj 744 XT:

This tractor offers the option of power steering. It provides a gearbox of eight forward and two reverse gear. This tractor is equipped with a dual clutch, constant mesh and sliding mesh type transmission. The company provides a Multi Plate Oil Immersed Brakes option which keeps a tight grip on the tyres. The tractor is equipped with a 56L capacity engine tank. This tractor of Swaraj company has Reverse PTO type power takeoff, which generates 540/1000 RPM. Swaraj 744 XT tractor comes in 2 WD drive, in this you get 6.0 X 16 / 7.50 X 16 front tire and 14.9 X 28 rear tire.

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Cost of Swaraj 744 XT:

In India the cost of this tractor ranges between 6.98 lakhs-7.50 lakhs. The on road prices may vary from state to state due to differences in the cost of RTO registrations and road taxes. The company promises a warranty of 6 years or 6000 hours with this tractor.