Sweet corn farming changed the fortunes of progressive farmer Dinesh Chauhan

Published on: 11-Jan-2024

Today, let me tell you about Dinesh Chauhan, a successful farmer who specializes in sweet corn farming. Through tireless hard work, he has achieved a level of success that not everyone can attain. Currently, he and many other farmers in India are earning excellent profits by using modern farming techniques. 

Dinesh Chauhan is a progressive farmer from Manali village in the Sonipat district of Haryana, India. His village is also known as "Sweet Corn Village" because most of the farmers there cultivate sweet corn. He says that he earns huge profits annually by using modern farming techniques. He has been in the agriculture sector since 1996 and has been earning his livelihood from farming ever since. 

According to Chauhan, he owns 30 acres of agricultural land on which he grows his crops.

Dinesh Chauhan produced these crops in 1998 

Dinesh Chauhan began strawberry production in 1998. Before that, he used to cultivate traditional crops such as maize, sugarcane, and wheat. Chauhan decided to start growing strawberries as he wanted to elevate his farming techniques to a higher level. According to him, people used to view farming from a limited perspective, and it was not considered a prestigious profession. Educated youths mostly preferred pursuing jobs instead of farming. However, Chauhan saw potential in this field and decided to change the approach by adopting modern farming techniques.

The cultivation of sweet corn brought recognition to Dinesh Chauhan


Progressive farmer Dinesh Chauhan says, “ He gradually reduced the cultivation of paddy and wheat, and laid more emphasis on the cultivation of strawberries. He said that at that time farmers did not know about strawberry cultivation or the techniques related to it. But, gradually some farmers joined him and taught everyone its cultivation. After a few years, he started cultivating baby corn or sweet corn, which has been so successful that today his village is known as Sweet Corn Village across the country. Besides, the farmers of the village are earning huge profits from its cultivation. 

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He said that he has been cultivating sweet corn since 2001 when people in the country did not know much about it. He has said that initially people used to eat it thinking it to be American corn and it was only later that people came to know that it is being grown in a village of their own country and not in America. He said that during the initial period of sweet corn cultivation, he had to face many problems. _ People neither knew much about it nor was there a market for it. But, gradually he started sending his produce to the markets, and told people about it, and today he is earning good profits annually through this. 

Farmers earning lakhs of rupees annually 


If we talk about cost and profit, the cost of cultivating one acre of sweet corn is around Rs 25 to 30 thousand, due to which they earn a profit of Rs 1 to 1.5 lakh per acre. Apart from this, they also get help from the Haryana Government schemes and the Agriculture and Horticulture Department in farming.  If we look at it accordingly, they earn up to Rs 40 lakh annually. He gave this message to other farmers that they too can strengthen their economic condition by joining technical farming.  Farmers should produce crops as per demand.