Detailed information related to caring for plants in the garden

Published on: 19-Feb-2024

After planting the plants in the garden, it is very important to take proper care of them for their quick and spectacular growth. Talking about irrigation of garden plants, both excess and lack of water cause great harm to newly established plants. For this reason, irrigation should be done as per requirement. The need for water depends on the type of land and season. If there is no rain, the first irrigation should be done soon after planting. After this, farmers continue to irrigate as per requirement. In summer, irrigation should be done in the morning or evening.

Selection of irrigation method:- While irrigating, one should always keep in mind that only that much water should be given which will thoroughly wet the roots spread inside the soil. Both quantities more or less than this are harmful. The following things should be kept in mind while choosing the irrigation method.

Size of fruit trees. 

Differences between fruit trees and method of planting.

 Size and flow of irrigation source. 

Land type and topography. 

The quantity of water given.

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 Irrigation methods:- There are many methods of irrigation in fruit orchards. However, such an irrigation method should be adopted in which the expenditure of water is minimal.

Flow System

Under this method, a tray is made around the plants. This plate can be circular or square. A drain is made between two rows of plants. In this method, irrigation is done by dividing the entire area into beds as per convenience.

Basin System

Under this method, a tray is made around the plants. This plate can be circular or square. A drain is made between two rows of plants. The plates are connected to this distribution drain. With this method, water is distributed evenly and water reaches the roots of the plants.

Ring System

This method is used in the young stage of plants. A ring shape is made around the plant. All the tree circles in a row are connected by a drain. In this method, water is applied only in a limited area. 

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Drip Irrigation method

This is a very modern irrigation method. This method is very suitable where there is a severe shortage of water. The principle of a drip irrigation system is to provide water directly to the area where the roots of the plants are spread, i.e. to the root zone. In this, plastic is made to flow through thin tubes under low pressure. There is a bulb near each plant in these drains. The amount of water coming out of which is kept as per the requirement of the plant every day. In this method the loss of water is minimal.

Weed Control 

Weeds especially cause harm to young fruit plants. To control weeds, weeding should be done from time to time.

Manure and Fertilizers

For good growth of plants, it is necessary to give manure and fertilizers in appropriate quantity. The quantity of manure and fertilizer especially depends on the variety of fruits and plants and the fertility of the land. Ripe cow dung manure or compost should be given in a certain quantity once a year after the rainy season. If the growth of plants is not going well, nitrogenous fertilizers should be used in February-March. After applying manure and fertilizer, light irrigation should be done. 

Harvesting and Sorting

In the initial stage, cutting, and pruning is done to create the structure of the plants. Evergreen plants require very little pruning, whereas deciduous plants like apples, pears, peach grapes, etc. require relatively more pruning to give the plants a definite shape. This should be done at the right time and in the right quantity. 

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Shade the plants

It is necessary to provide shade to every plant to protect it from strong sunlight and heat. The shade is made from bamboo mat circles, grass hut, palm and date palm leaves, etc. While shading the plants, keep in mind that the morning sunlight should reach the plants. Appropriate measures should be taken to protect plants from frost during the winter season. Irrigation and fumigation during frost is also beneficial.

Support plants

Newly planted plants should be supported with bamboo or wood so that they do not get broken by strong winds. Such protection is more necessary in grafted plants.


If some of the plants planted in the gardens die, new plants should be planted in their place in March or July. Initially, when planting plants in the garden, some plants should be planted in pots. These plants are used to replace dead plants. 

Control of Insect diseases

If any disease or insect attack is seen in the plants, necessary medicines should be sprayed. After the rainy season, borax paste should be applied to the trunks of trees. After planting the plants in the garden, it is necessary to take good care of them for their quick and proper growth. For which the following work should be done smoothly.