5 equipments which help increase profit at low investment and a give a new direction to agriculture in India

By: Merikheti
Published on: 05-Dec-2023

In India the modernisation of agriculture has led to availability of some new equipment which saves a lot of effort and time for the farmer. These also help reduce the cost of agriculture. If you are considering buying some new equipment for making agriculture easier and more profitable , then these equipment can be very useful for you.

In India most of the farmers suffer from lack of income. Because of less income farmers can't put in all there effort in farming. This leads to loss in the end. If farmers want to increase their income then they should try to reduce the upper and cost of farming. For this reducing the vested cost of agriculture is very important. To reduce this farmers should quit the traditional methods and equipment and switch to modernized farming equipment. With the use of modern equipment farmers can finish their task in comparatively less time and less effort.

Use of rotavator in farming

To make farming easy and comfortable in the process of sowing the most used equipment is rotavator. The major reason why farmers use this is because using a rotavator once or twice makes the field ready for growing the crop. The rotavator is used by attaching to a tractor. Using this equipment the remains of wheat, sugarcane and corn etc can be removed easily. Using this you can save a lot of money, time and labour. This equipment is used for plowing the field. It helps to save 15 to 30% fuel as compared to other options.

Seed drill cum fertilizer machine

Farmers can use seed drills cum fertilizer machines to reduce their work and time. Using this farming equipment farmers can sow seeds in different lines in a short period of time. This machine help sow seeds deep inside the soil. Using this machine you can sow seeds and use fertilizer at the same time in a correct ratio. Seed drill cum fertilizer machine can be used easily with any tractor of 35 HP or above. 

Use of sprayer pump in farming

To protect the crop from insects,  diseases and weeds different types of pesticides etc are used. Sprayer pump is a device using which the farmer can easily spray liquid fertilizer and pesticides. This device saves time as well as labour cost. Because this sprayer pump can be used by the farmer itself. There are various different sprayer pumps available in the market there are also some which can be attached to a tractor.

Crop cutter

To make the job of agriculture easier for farmers the crop cutter machine has been proved to be a fabulous option. When harvest of the crop starts there are a lot of requirements for human resources. If the farmer alone tries to harvest any to take a lot of time, Using this machine Soybean, corn,barley, grass,wheat, paddy, green fodder and sugarcane can be harvested easily. This equipment cuts the crop just 2 to 3 inches above the soil. Also the weeder attachment helps remove weeds at the same time. This device is used using diesel. Also this machine can be used for trimming grass, lawn trimming etc