This evergreen,full of sweetness variety of mango produces fruits throughout the year

By: MeriKheti
Published on: 25-Oct-2023

The Thailand type of mango, often known as the Thai perennial variety, provides great produce in all seasons. This mango is really sweet to consume.Farmers may harvest the Thailand type of mango three times each year. This species is unique in that it begins to produce fruit within two years of being planted in the field.

Mango is also regarded as the "king of fruits" . Farmers have an excellent source of income by cultivating it. Ideally, producers can only pick mango fruit once a year. However, there are so many types of this fruit available now that farmers may produce it all year. A perinneal variety of mango was introduced just a few days ago at the All India Farmers Fair in Pant Nagar. It is stated that this kind is capable of being harvested. three times a year. It is more sweeter than other types of mango. This variety is the Thai perennial sweet mango.

Time taken by fruit to appear

If you cultivate this thai perennial sweet mango and take take care of it properly, you will see results within two years. One might believe that because of its rapid production, the fruit would be lacking in taste and health benefits, however this variety excels in all areas.

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Scientists believe that this mango variety contains no  viruses. No virus has a specific effect on this tree in any season. Furthermore, growers may harvest up to 50 kg of mango from this variety after five years.

Who Developed this Type?

According to media sources, Bangladeshi scientists are credited with inventing the type. It is referred to by several names in different regions. In a few states, it is also known as Kati Mana. This variety has experienced the maximum production in the states of Punjab, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, and Gujarat.