Farmers can obtain a production upto 70 to 75 Quintals per hectare by cultivating these three top varieties of wheat

Published on: 27-Oct-2023

With these excellent species of wheat HD 3406 ( advanced HD 2967), HD-3385, HI 1634 ( Pasa Ahilya), farmers can obtain a produce of upto 74 quintals per hectare of land. India being an agricultural dominant nation is also the second largest wheat producer of the world. Along with this, cultivation of wheat is mainly done in Haryana, UP, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab. Many state farmers have already started cultivating wheat which is the most important crop of the Rabi season. If you are a farmer and you are also in search of wheat which provides maximum production. Actually in this article of Meri khet, we will tell you about three species of wheat which will give you a production of upto 74 quintals per hectare on their cultivation. For your kind information, let you know that in these three species of wheat HD 3406 ( advanced HD 2967), HD-3385, HI 1634 ( Pasa Ahilya) are present.

HD 3406 (advanced HD 2967) variety of wheat.

This amazing species of wheat HD 3406 (advanced HD 2967) can be easily cultivated in Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan (except regions of Kota and udaipur), Punjab and West Uttar Pradesh (except regions of Jhansi), Katra of Jammu Kashmir and Kathua district, Una district and Ponta valley of Himachal Pradesh and lowlands of Uttrakhand. Apart from this, the average production of this variety is about 54.73 quintal per hectare. And the maximum production power is 64.05 quintals per hectare. Whereas, this excellent species HD 3406 (advanced HD 2967) is resistant to rust disease. Actually, it is resistant to foliar/brown rust disease and striped/yellow rust disease. Along with this, its resistance is found amazing against blight disease and karnal bunt.

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HD 3385 variety of wheat 

The HD 3385 variety of wheat has been prepared by Indian agricultural research institute, Pusa, Delhi, which prepares for harvesting within 123-147 days. HD 3385 has an average production of 62.1 quintal per hectare and its maximum production is upto 73.4 quintal per hectare. HD 3385 is resistant to Many diseases. This variety is resistant to striped rust, leaf rust, karnal bunt, blight diseases of powdery mildew wheat and flag smut disease. Along with this, this variety of wheat is suitable for plains of North-west and North-east.

HI 1634 (Pusa Ahilya) variety of wheat and HI 1634 (Pusa Ahilya)

This variety of wheat HI 1634 (Pusa Ahilya) has been prepared at the Indian agricultural research institute, Indore. Farmers of middle Gujarat, Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan(Kota and udaipur region) and Uttar Pradesh(Jhansi region) can cultivate this crop with ease. However, it is also cultivated in other States. If we talk about its average production, it is 51.6 quintal per hectare and its maximum production power is upto 70.6 quintals per hectare.