Features and benefits of 4 agricultural machines for harvesting and cleaning crops

Published on: 14-Feb-2024

Presently, Rabi crops are growing in farmers' fields and soon their harvesting process will start. In such a situation, to provide relief to the farmers, we will give information about 4 agricultural machinery. By using these, farmers can easily do the work of making chaff from crop residues. These machines will also reduce the cost of farmers. Besides, harvesting work can also be done quickly.

4 agricultural machines useful for harvesting crops

  • Straw reaper machine 
  • Reaper Binder Machine 
  • Combine harvester machine
  •  Multicrop Thresher Machine

Straw reaper machine

A straw reaper is a harvesting machine that cuts, threshes, and cleans straw in one go. Straw reapers are used in conjunction with tractors. With its use, fuel consumption is significantly reduced. The benefit of subsidy on this equipment is also provided to the farmers by many state governments.

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Features & Benefits

The price of straw reaper machines is not very high, so both small and big farmers can easily use this agricultural equipment. By using this machine, farmers get many benefits while harvesting crops, like they get chaff along with wheat grains. This straw is used as fodder for animals. Apart from this, the grain that is left in the field by the machine is easily picked up by this machine. Which farmers use as grain for their animals.

Reaper binder machine

The reaper binder machine is used for harvesting crops. Along with harvesting the crops, this machine also bundles them with ropes. With the help of a reaper binder 5 – 7 cm. m. Higher crops can be harvested easily. The biggest feature of this machine is that wheat, barley, paddy, wheat, and other crops can be easily harvested and bundled with this machine. 

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Features & Benefits 

With the use of Reaper Binder, harvesting work can be accomplished easily. By using it, money, time, and labor are all saved. Reaper binder machines can cut the standing crop on one acre of land in one hour. Using this machine, apart from harvesting crops, their bundle can also be prepared. Apart from this, the biggest feature is that it can be used even during the rainy season. Using this machine, apart from harvesting crops, their bundle can also be prepared. Apart from this, the biggest feature is that it can be used even during the rainy season. Apart from crops, bushes growing in the fields can also be harvested easily. Reaper Binder is easy to carry from one place to another. 

Combine harvester machine 

Harvesting and cleaning work can be done simultaneously with a combined harvester machine. With the help of this machine, harvesting, and cleaning of mustard, paddy, soybean, safflower, etc. can be done. Both time and cost are very low in this. 

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Features & Benefits

Cost and time can be saved by using combined harvester machines. With this, work is done from harvesting of crops to cleaning of crop grains. Its use increases the fertilizer capacity of the soil. By using this machine, farmers can avoid losses caused by natural disasters and can harvest crops on time. With the combine harvester machine, farmers can also harvest the crops lying at an angle in the field.

Multicrop Thresher Machine

This machine is considered to be a very useful machine for the farmers. Multicrop thresher machine cleans the grains of crops like millet, maize, cumin, dollar gram, plain gram, desi gram, guar, jowar, moong, moth, isabgol, lentil, rye, pigeon pea, groundnut, wheat, mustard, soybean, and tur. are extracted in this manner. This machine is used to separate crop grains and straw. 

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Features & Benefits

The main feature of the Multicrop Thresher machine is that it is used to harvest the crop and separate it into grain and chaff. This machine cleanly separates the grains of crops. Multicrop thresher machines can be easily moved from one place to another. In fields where machines cannot reach, hand reaper machines are used.