What are the 5 most powerful tractors of India?

Published on: 17-Dec-2023

As we all know, a tractor is basically an important equipment in farming. It is difficult to use most of the agricultural equipment without a tractor. This is the reason why most of the farmers in India dream of owning a tractor. According to the needs of the farmers, different types of tractors are launched in the market across India. Most of the farmers in India fall in the small and middle class category, according to their needs, tractor companies keep launching different types of tractors. There are many farmers who want to get tractors for powerful work. By adding suitable equipment to these tractors, all the difficult tasks related to farming can be done easily. Talking about the other features of the tractor, the main features of John Deere 6120B are Engine HP 120 HP, PTO HP 102 HP, Lifting Capacity 3650 kg, Clutch Dual, Warranty 5 years / 5000 hours.  

5 Powerful Tractors

John Deere 6120 B

John Deere 6120B is the most powerful tractor in India. This excellent tractor is a 4 wheel drive tractor with a power capacity of 120 HP. It has a tremendous lifting capacity of 3650 kg. This is an excellent heavy duty tractor. Its speed is also very good, that is why it plows large fields in less time. The engine rated RPM in this tractor is 2400. This tractor is helpful not only in farming work but also in gardening. If you want to transport big and thick wood from time to time, then this tractor can be very excellent for farmers in this regard also. The price of a tractor starts from Rs 32 lakh 50 thousand. Maximum ex-showroom price can be up to Rs 33.90 lakh. Talking about the other features of the tractor, the main features of John Deere 6120B are Engine HP 120 HP, PTO HP 102 HP, Lifting Capacity 3650 kg, Clutch Dual, Warranty 5 years / 5000 hours.

New Holland TD 9.50


         This New Holland tractor with a tremendous capacity of 90 HP has been greatly liked by the farmers. This tractor is suitable for carrying out the most difficult tasks related to freight transportation and agriculture. Farmers can use all the agricultural equipment like seeder, harrow, trolley and power tiller through this tractor. Farmers have been provided with better functions with 20 forward and 12 reverse gear boxes. The price of this tractor starts from Rs 26 lakh 10 thousand. At the same time, the maximum ex-showroom price can go up to Rs 26.90 lakh. The engine capacity of the tractor is 2900 cc. Check out this chart for more information on the New Holland TD. New Holland TD 5.90 Features Engine HP 90 HP, PTO HP 76.5 HP, Lifting Capacity 3565 Kgs, Clutch Double Clutch Independent PTO Lever, Wheel Drive 4WD, RPM 2200, Warranty 6 Years / 6000 Hours, Engine Capacity 2900 CC etc.

John Deere 5075 E-4WD AC Cabin

For your information, let us tell you that this excellent tractor of John Deere in 75 HP category is available with a long warranty of 5 years. This tractor can easily do puddling in paddy cultivation and other agricultural works related to farming.  Can work 3 times faster than normal and small tractors in the fields. This tractor of John Deere is also quite excellent in terms of mileage. Farmer brothers will be able to do even difficult tasks easily at less expense. Besides, you will also be able to increase your profits. Oil immersed disc brakes, 80 liter fuel tank capacity make this tractor excellent in delivering high and efficient performance in the field. The price of John Deere 5075 E starts from Rs 21 lakh 90 thousand. Also, the maximum ex-showroom price of this tractor has been fixed at Rs 23 lakh 79 thousand. Talking about the features of John Deere 5075 E – 4WD AC Cabin, Engine HP is 75 HP, PTO HP 63.7 HP, Lifting Capacity 2000 / 2500 Kg, Clutch Dual, Wheel Drive 4 WD, RPM 2400, Warranty 5 Years / 5000 Hrs, Engine Capacity 2900 CC etc.

4. Mahindra Novo 755 DI

Mahindra Novo 755 DI tractor comes in the category of powerful tractors of 4 cylinder and 74 HP category. Every farmer of the country is aware of Mahindra's strength and brand credibility. Mahindra is the company with the largest share of tractor sales in India, which manufactures tractors with strong, economical and great features for farmers in very low budget. Mahindra Novo 755 DI is also one of such great models. Due to modern features like huge weight lifting capacity of 2600 kg, dual clutch, double acting power steering, this tractor has been bought and appreciated by many farmers. The price of a tractor also starts from Rs 12 lakh 30 thousand. The maximum ex-showroom price can be seen up to Rs 12 lakh 90 thousand. Apart from this, this tractor has 15 forward and 15 reverse gears and 3500 cc engine capacity. Talking about the features of this tractor, Mahindra Novo 755 DI's Engine HP 74 HP, PTO HP 66 HP, Lifting Capacity 2600 kg, Clutch Dual Type, Warranty 2 Years / 2000 Hours, RPM 2100, Engine Capacity 3500 CC, Cylinder 4 etc. 

5. Preet 9049 AC 4 WD

This high power tractor of 90 HP category is equipped with multi disc oil immersed brakes. Farmers can operate even the heaviest agricultural equipment requiring high capacity with this powerful tractor from Preet. The major feature of this tractor is its heavy duty dry dual clutch and power steering, which makes the driving experience great. Farmers can consider purchasing it considering their requirement in case of heavy work and farming. Due to the multiple tread pattern tires and 4WD features, this tractor doesn’t get stuck in muddy or marshy areas. It can also be used for puddling construction work in paddy/rice cultivation. This huge tractor with 4 cylinder and 4087 cc engine capacity is available at a price of Rs 21 lakh 20 thousand. The maximum ex-showroom price has been fixed at Rs 23 lakh 10 thousand. If we talk about the features of Preet 9049 AC 4WD then Engine HP 90 HP, PTO HP 77 HP, Lifting Capacity 2400 kg, Features like Clutch Heavy Duty Dry Dual, Wheel Drive 4 WD, RPM 2200 RPM, Engine Capacity 4087 CC, Cylinder 4 etc.