Central Chemical and Fertilisers Minister Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya Inaugurated the 59th annual seminar 2023 of Fertiliser Association of India

By: Merikheti
Published on: 07-Dec-2023

“The Indian agricultural sector has achieved the dual purpose of providing help and emerging support, agricultural facilities and fertilisers  to 14 crore farmer families when needed and coming out as a strong power under the competent and visionary leadership of honourable Prime minister Shri Narendra Modi. In this way, the Indian agricultural sector is playing a vital role in shaping the global market”. This has been stated today by the central minister of the Ministry of Chemical and Fertilisers and the Health and Family Welfare minister Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya in the inaugural ceremony of 59th annual seminar 2023 of the Indian fertility Association. Theme of the gathering was “Innovation in the fertiliser and agricultural sector”.

Dr. Mandaviya put light on works done by the central government in the Fertiliser sector. Central Chemical and Fertilisers Minister Dr. Mandaviya stated, “the government is increasing its help to small and marginal farmers, giving priorities to their welfare and in this way, they are fulfilling the aims of national food security”. In the last 2-3 years, the Indian government has kept the Fertiliser availability rate stable at Maximum retail price ( MRP), which has decreased the impact of increasing price of products at global standards. It led to record production of agriculture and the Fertiliser expense also remained stable as compared to fall in global expenses. He also stated that the government has taken active steps to strengthen domestic production and to stop leakage and diversion, as a result of which, record production has been observed.

There has been increase in urea production in India

“3 million tons of urea capacity have been revived and in the upcoming few years, more capacity is expected to start.” Mr. Central minister spoke about the government's steps towards self-reliance. He stated that the government is working for the prevention of phosphoric and potashik sectors and Indian companies are being motivated towards participation in foreign enterprises, mining and long term strategic partnership. He also focused on improving the soil health with the help of balanced nutrition, production of technically better products, durable agriculture systems and about taking technology from laboratories to Lands of farmers. 

Dr. Mandaviya said that under the PM-PRANAM initiative, people have started the campaign of durable and sustainable use of fertiliser, accepting alternative fertilisers, giving rise to organic farming and protection of Mother Earth by implementing conservation of resource technologies.

Mr. Central minister also talked about the recent technical developments in the Indian agricultural sector. He stated that India is the first country to showcase nano-fertilisers like Nano-DAP and Nano-Urea. He said- “it is one of the unique technologies of its type in the world and can bring revolutionary changes in nutrient application practices on earth.” He also put stress on the recently initiated “Namo drone Didi” Yojna of honourable prime minister Shri Narendra Modi, which will help farmers in getting drone spraying services at lower prices.

Dr. Mandaviya encouraged Indian companies to grow and develop smart nutrients like slow releasing, coated and liquid fertiliser, which can improve the direction of use of nutrients. According to him, the government is working on improving the reach of companies and making cost effective solutions with drone developers, service providers and agricultural companies. He also focused on the 2 lakh model retail stores made by the Central government named Prime Minister Kisan Samriddhi Kendra (PMDC), which works as a one-stop solution for all agricultural practices. 

Concluding his statement, he called the fertiliser fraternity to move towards green ways of Fertiliser production and to participate in aiming towards reducing global fertiliser crises. He promised to provide support to the central government in maintaining strong coordination and communication between farmers, government and companies.

During his ceremony, Central Minister acknowledged the excellence of companies, scientists and other people's contribution to micronutrients, biofertilizers, environmental performance, protection, marketing and advertising and also awarded them for their contribution in research and development. Towards growth in agricultural productivity. The Indian Fertiliser Association issued three orders: fertiliser (acarbonic, organic or mixed)(control) order, 1985; content statistics 2022-23; and also issued special fertiliser and micronutrients statistics in 2022-23.

The Central Minister also inaugurated an exhibition, where 56 exhibitors showcased their achievements and service in the sector of agriculture and fertiliser. 

The Secretary (fertiliser) Shri Rajat Kumar Mishra, and other senior government officials were also present in this event. Fertiliser Association of India (FAI) chairman Shri N Suresh Krishnan, Vice-chairman Shri S C Mehta, and Director General Shri Arvind Choudhary were also present.