26 January, on the occasion of Republic Day, United Kisan Morcha will do tractor parade

Published on: 04-Jan-2024

Once again, the United Kisan Morcha will organise a tractor parade on Republic Day in about 500 districts across India on the occasion of Republic Day. This information has been given by the organisation. In fact, the farmers' organisations are going to unite once again to fulfil other demands of this parade peasant movement. Sanyukt Kisan Morcha has made a big announcement about this. In fact, SKM (United Kisan Morcha) is preparing to take out a tractor parade across India on the occasion of Republic Day (26 January, 2024). This parade will be taken out on Republic Day in about 500 districts of India. The SKM has said that the tractor parade will be held only after the conclusion of the formal Republic Day parade in the national capital. It will include a large number of farmers.

What did SKM appeal to the public?

The United Kisan Morcha has issued a statement saying that SKM will organise tractor parades at district level in all states and union territories on January 26, 2024. This parade will be taken out in about 500 districts. Also, SKM has appealed to farmers to join a large number of parades. During this time, the farmers who join the tractor parade will wave the flags of the constituent organisations as well as the national flag. In this parade, farmers will resolve to protect the principles of democracy, federalism, secularism and socialism inherent in the Constitution of India.

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Skm's public awareness campaign will run from 10 to 20 January

The units of SKM will start the Jan Jagran Abhiyan from 10 to 20 January in 20 states and through the distribution of leaflets. It states that the purpose of the public campaign is to highlight the corporate supporters of the central government. The SKM has asked farmers to make the campaign and parade successful to end corporate-communal alliances that exploit and divide people through communal and casteist polarisation. Until the central government fulfils all the demands, it has been said to continue this struggle.