In which state, 50% subsidy is being provided on the seeds of these five varieties.

Published on: 10-Nov-2023

The wait for seeds in the Kannauj district of Uttar Pradesh has now ended. 5 types of seed will be provided at 8 govt outlets. Farmers will be given a discount of up to 50 percent on purchasing these seeds. Apart from this, gypsum will also be provided at the centres, on which farmers will get 75 percent subsidy. The time for sowing wheat is getting closer. In such a situation, there is great news for the farmers of Kannauj. Farmers are being given huge discounts on five varieties of wheat at eight government centers in the district. Farmers can buy five varieties of wheat at low prices from all the centers as per the scheduled distribution time. 

Apart from this, farmers will also be given advice on good agricultural practices at these centers to help them grow their crops in perfectly scientific ways. Let us tell you that farmers in the area sow wheat on a large scale. Now in such a situation, farmers will get a huge discount on wheat seeds. The varieties DBW 187, PBW 222, W 303, PBW 343 and HD 3326 are present in all the eight centers of the region.

How much discount will be given? 

There are a total of eight government seed centers located in the district, where farmers can get up to 50 percent discount on wheat seeds of five different varieties. Farmers can avail the benefits of this yojna by going to any of these seed stores. However, farmers have to keep one thing in mind that the seeds are distributed among all the centers on rotation. Wheat seeds are available at all seed centers. These seeds will be provided to the farmers at the rate of 40 to 90 paise per kg.

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Seeds of pulses will also be available

District Agriculture Officer Avesh Kumar Singh has said that the product will be distributed at all the eight government seed stores in the district. Farmers can buy all these seeds with 50 percent subsidy. Apart from this, gram, pea and lentil seeds and gypsum are also available in the warehouse. Gypsum will be given to farmers at 75 percent subsidy. If there is any problem, farmers can directly contact the district office.