Vegetable prices increased in this state due to rain

Published on: 09-Oct-2023

Crops have suffered a lot due to excessive rain. Due to this, the production of many types of vegetables including parwal, radish, cauliflower and brinjal has declined. Let us tell you that due to the rains, the arrival of vegetables in the markets has been greatly affected, the prices of vegetables have increased once again. The intermittent rains in Bihar for the past several days have once again increased inflation. Especially the prices of vegetables have gone up. The matter of inflation is that on Thursday evening the price of many vegetables has reached around Rs 100 per kg. In such a situation, green vegetables have become extinct from the common plate. Also, traders say that along with the rains, the price of vegetables has increased so much due to the Jitiya festival.

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In fact, it has been raining intermittently for the last four-five days in the entire Bihar state including the capital Patna. Because of this, the price of green vegetables has reached sky high. It is being said that due to bad weather, the arrival of vegetables in the markets has also been greatly affected. Due to this, their price has increased by Rs 10 to Rs 20 per kg.

At what price are vegetables being sold?

Local vegetable shopkeepers of Patna say that there has been a huge increase in the prices of vegetables in the last four to five days. Cauliflower, which was priced at Rs 40 per kg four days ago, is now being sold at Rs 60 to Rs 80 per kg. Similarly, tomatoes and nanua have also become very expensive. Both these vegetables are being sold for up to Rs 30 per kg.

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Prices will increase during Navratri

The special thing is that Sarputiya (Bourd Gourd) is making most people cry. On Thursday evening it had become Rs 200 per kg, whereas in such conditions it was sold at Rs 10 to Rs 20 per kg. Also, a lot of people were buying Sarputiya (Bucumber) even at Rs 10 a piece. Also, farmers say that due to the torrential rains in the month of October, the flowers of vegetables have fallen. At the same time, crops of other vegetables including brinjal, cabbage and radish got spoiled in the field itself. In such a situation, there has been a decline in the production of vegetables. Jai Prakash Verma, Vice President of Fruit Vegetable Association of Patna Market Committee, has said that the price of fruits is currently stable. But, there may be a rise in their prices during Navratri.