This VST tractor comes with more features at a low cost

Published on: 12-Dec-2023

If you are thinking of buying a tractor to modernize your farming, then VST Shakti 927 tractor can be a great choice. It is a great tractor for small land farmers. These can bear a weight of 750 kilograms. This tractor has a power 4 cylinder engine with 1306 cc capacity. 

 VST means Tillers and Tractors company has been presenting tractors with great performance for the convenience of farmers in India. Tractors of the company come with an excellent mileage, which helps to increase the wage of farmers. If you are also thinking of buying a powerful and advanced technological tractor, then VST Shakti 927 can be a great choice. This can be a great truck for small land farmers because you get to see great loading capacity in it. This truck of VST company comes with an efficiently  powerful engine of 1306 cc, which can do all types of work related to agriculture easily. Let us see the properties, features and cost of the VST Shakti 927 tractor.

VST Shakti 927 Specifications

In this tractor of VST company, you get to see a 4 cylinder water cooled engine of 1306 cc efficiency, which produces 24 horse power.Tractor of this company is provided a dry type air filter, which keeps this engine secure. The engine of this tractor of VST generates 2700 rpm. The maximum PTO power of this mini tractor is 19 HP, which makes it suitable to operate farm equipment. The forward speed of this tractor has been fixed at 24.6 kmph.

The loading capacity of this tractor has been kept at 750 kilograms, with its help you can transport more goods at a time. The total weight of the tractor of this company is 784 kilograms. This tractor has been made in 2450 MM length, 1095 MM width and 1420 MM wheelbase. 

VST Shakti 927 Features

In this mini tractor of VST company, you get to see a power steering. Its wheel has excellent grip. Also, it comes with a smooth drive. This tractor of the company has been made available with single/double type clutch and sliding mesh type transmission. In this tractor, you get to see the 18 litres capacity engine easily.

In this tractor of VST company oil immersed disc brakes are available, which maintain excellent grip on the tires even on slippery surfaces. In this tractor of the company, MRPTO type power takeoff is also provided, which produces 549/841 rpm. VST Shakti 927 is a 4WD means four wheel drive tractor, which comes with 6.00x12 front tire and 8.3x20 rear tire.

VST Shakti 927 Price and Warranty

The ex-showroom price of VST Shakti 927 tractor in India is set to Rs 4.2 lakh to Rs 5 lakh.The On road price of this tractor may vary across different states due to RTO registration and road tax.To make this tractor reliable to farmers VST company gives a warranty of 5000 hours or up to 5 years of it.