VST tractor and power tiller sales report November 2023

Published on: 06-Dec-2023

VST tillers and tractor issued sales report of November 2023. Brand noticed the sales of 295 tractors in sales of domestic tractors in November 2023. Whereas, 547 tractors were sold in November 2022. In this way, VST tractor sales figures show a decline of 46.07% in their sales. Apart from this, VST sold 1801 units of power tillers in November 2023. Whereas, 2045 units were sold in November 2022. It shows a decline of 11.93%.

VST tiller tractor sales figures 2023- A Summary 


November 2023-November 2022-%change

Power tiller   1801-2045-11.93%

Tractor          295- 547-46.07%

Total Power tiller and tractor sales

(In figures)     2096- 2592- 19.13%

VST tiller and tractors show their year-after-year tiller and tractors sales report of November 2023. VST observed an incline of 6.92% in sales of power tiller because of sales of 22875 units year-after-year in November 2023. Whereas 21393 power tillers were sold in November 2022. In year-after-year sales in November 2023, VST registered a decline of 20.2% in sales of 3508 tractors as compared to 4396 tractors sold in November 2022.