Weed can highly affect the sugarcane crop

By: Merikheti
Published on: 04-Dec-2023

Before sowing sugarcane, keep weed control in mind. If weeds are not controlled in time then there can be reduction in production. Production can be decreased by 10-30 percent. In this situation, let us know how to control weeds. 

These days, autumn sowing of sugarcane is going on in India. At this time weed control is also more important. Because, sugarcane crops can get affected due to weeds, which causes reduction in  production. In this situation, it should be controlled before sowing.Agricultural scientists have said that farmers should do weed control regularly.So that full development of their crop is possible.Dr. Sanjeev Pathak, Extension Officer of Uttar Pradesh Sugarcane Research Council, says that sowing of sugarcane is going on these days in various states of the country. Farmer brothers must keep in mind weed control before sowing. They have said that about 45 types of broad and narrow leaves of weeds are found in sugarcane. 

Yield of sugarcane decreases this way.

For your information, let us tell you that the field of sugarcane is sown by trench method because of a lot of space in between, and weeds grow rapidly. If weeds in sugarcane crops are not controlled in time then there may be a decrease in yield of sugarcane. Let us tell you that yield can be decreased by 10-30 percent, because weeds grow with the crop. Therefore take control over the weeds on time so that crops don't get harmed. 

Control weeds like this.

Dr. Sanjeev Pathak has said that weed control in the first three months of sugarcane sowing. Two methods can be used for weed control. The first method in which weeds can be eliminated is by chemical spraying of herbicides. Whereas, the second method is the mechanical method, in which weeds can be eliminated by weeding.

Weeding helps in the circulation of air in the soil, which helps in the excellent development of sugarcane roots. Let us tell you that when the roots are fully developed, the plants will absorb the nutrients present in the soil, the fertilizers given by the farmers and the irrigation water, which will also improve the growth and development. Now in such a situation, farmers will get a very good yield. Besides, the weeds growing in the crop will also be eliminated.

Farmer brothers should spray medicine in this way.

If a chemical method has to be used in any special circumstances then to control broadleaf and narrow leaf weeds, apply 500 grams of Metribuzin 70 percent simultaneously And make a solution of 2 4 D 58 percent in 1000 liters of water corresponding to 2.5 liters per hectare and spray it. During this time, be careful that the medicine is sprayed only on the weeds in the space between the two lines of sugarcane. Try to ensure that the medicine does not fall on the sugarcane plants. Spraying of medicine on sugarcane plants can significantly affect the growth of the plants.