What is RPM and what is the role of CC in a tractor's engine?

Published on: 17-Feb-2024

Tractors are important equipment used in farming. What is CC and RPM in a tractor which plays an important role in all agricultural works. In the modern era, the help of various instruments or machines is being taken in agricultural work, the most special of which is tractor. The works which were done with the help of oxen in earlier times, are being done with the help of tractors for many years. So that farmers are also saving a lot of time.

Actually, the CC of the tractor is so much that no SUV or Thar can stand in front of it. In tractor engine, CC means cubic centimeter (cm3), which displays the total capacity of the engine's cylinder. In simple words, it tells how much air and fuel mixture can be filled simultaneously in all the cylinders present in the tractor.

The role of CC in an engine

CC plays a special role in determining the power and torque of the engine. Let us tell you that the higher the CC, the more powerful the engine will be. The fuel efficiency of the engine is also affected by CC. Let us tell you that the CC of Thar engine is 2184 cm3. At the same time, tractors are of different CC. Like it can range from 1500 cm3 to 6000 cm3

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Choose a tractor according to it's CC value

While buying a tractor it is important to choose the CC as per your requirements. If you want a tractor for light work then you will have to buy a tractor with low CC. But, if you need a tractor for heavy work then you will have to choose a tractor with higher CC.

What is RPM? 

RPM means Revolutions Per Minute. It shows the number of rotations made by the engine's crankshaft in one minute. Let us tell you that RPM determines the speed of the engine. The higher the RPM, the faster the engine will rotate. Engine power and torque are also affected by RPM. The higher the RPM, the more powerful the engine. Small tractors have rpm ranging from 500 rpm to 1500 rpm. Whereas, in big tractors the RPM ranges from 1500 rpm to 3000 rpm.