What is the reason for the rise in garlic prices?

Published on: 07-Feb-2024

There has been a sudden jump in the prices of garlic. In the Bhubaneswar market, the price had reached Rs 400 per kg. This is happening due to the destruction of garlic crops. Prices are likely to decrease this month.

The common people are having to bear the brunt of inflation. Inflation has increased in all the things and if we talk about food items, it has also increased a lot. Garlic is essential to enhance the taste of vegetables prepared at home. But, if seen at present, the prices of garlic are also touching the sky. The price of garlic has reached up to ₹400 per kg. 

After all, why are the prices of garlic increasing?

If we talk about the last few weeks, the prices of garlic have increased rapidly. In the Bhubaneswar market, the price had reached Rs 400 per kg. Actually, this is the important reason behind the increase in the price of garlic. That is the failure of the garlic crop. Garlic crops have been ruined due to inclement weather in various states. Due to this, a huge jump in prices has been seen. Due to crop failure, it will take time to plant the second crop. Due to this, there is a delay in the arrival of new garlic produce, due to which the prices are increasing. 

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When will prices go down in Madhya Pradesh?

Garlic is cultivated the most in Madhya Pradesh. But, due to adverse weather conditions, the crop has been greatly affected, due to which there is a lot of delay in the arrival of the new crop. As soon as a new crop of garlic arrives in the market. Garlic prices will fall. According to market traders, after the arrival of Kharif garlic, the price will become very low. This means that garlic prices are likely to decrease in February.