Farmers of these areas should produce these 15 varieties of wheat

By: MeriKheti
Published on: 10-Oct-2023

ICAR has identified 15 new varieties of wheat in India. The varieties developed by scientists will increase food grain production in the country. Besides, new varieties of wheat and barley will also be available to the farmers. ICAR and other agriculture related institutions continuously provide information about improved varieties as well as scientific discoveries to farmers for higher yields. Meanwhile, scientists have also identified two new varieties of wheat and one new variety of barley. According to scientists, these newly identified varieties are two high-yielding varieties in the north-western plains. The names of the two identified wheat varieties are HD3386 and WH1402. The identified new wheat varieties have been developed by ICAR-Indian Wheat and Barley Research Institute, Karnal with the help of Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Rajasthan.

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Different varieties will give bumper production in different areas

These varieties developed by scientists will increase the production of food grains in India. Besides, new varieties for wheat and barley will also be available to the farmers. Timely sowing of GW547 variety of wheat for irrigated land. Additionally, CG1040 and DBW359 have been identified for unirrigated lands. Let us inform that along with this, wheat varieties DBW359, NW4028, UAS478, HI8840 and HI1665 have been identified for the restricted irrigation areas of the peninsula. Scientists say that the malt barley variety DWRB219 has also been identified for the irrigated areas of the north-west.

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Researchers from different areas of India participated

According to Dr. Gyanendra Singh, Director of ICAR-IIWBR, Karnal, researchers from different parts of India participated in the All India Wheat and Barley Conference. ICAR has also started the licensing process of newly released varieties DBW370, DBW371, DBW372, DBW316 and DDW55 with Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) and private seed companies. The portal for seeds being run by the institute has also been started from September 15.