When, how and why is the planting of Rudraksha plant done?

By: Merikheti
Published on: 01-Jan-2024

Today we will give you information about Rudraksha plant in this article of Mary Kheti. As we all know, Rudraksha has a special spiritual significance in Hinduism. There are very important things about Rudraksha, which will be very good for you to know. Most of the people plant Rudraksha in their home, so that they can get a Mukhi Rudraksha at their home. However, there is absolutely no guarantee that a Mukhi Rudraksha is found from this plant. However, you are following some tips, which increases its chances. If you can achieve a Mukhi Rudraksha. However, no scientific evidence of this has been seen.

What is the suitable soil for better growth of Rudraksha plants?

Select the suitable soil for Rudraksha plant. For Rudraksha plants, use light and nutrient -rich soil. After that take a pot, which is equivalent to the size of the plant. The pot should be so big that the roots of the plant can ensure proper space to spread. Holes in the floor of the pot are very important, so that drainage can occur. Fill the soil inside the pot and plant the plant in it. After that, add water to the plant better.

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At what time is it considered appropriate to plant Rudraksha?

A good time to plant Rudraksha plants can be winter. Because, to develop it, there is a lot of coolness. Keep this plant inside the shed. If you live in a very hot place. If the temperature is more than 35 degrees, preserve it with direct sunlight. So that it can fruit and flow with ease. Keep it completely in the sun. He likes light and air places. However, intense sunlight is not considered favourable for him.

Take special care of these things for Rudraksha production

Keep the plant better dry.

Keep the plant in the sun in the morning or evening.

Give organic manure per month to the plant.

Check the plant regularly or treat any disease or insect infection quickly.