When there was no help from the government, the farmers themselves made amazing arrangements to irrigate their fields.

Published on: 14-Oct-2023

Due to the laxity of the government, the farmers of Bilaigarh block have done amazing work. Since the demand for water was not met for a long time, the farmers have prepared a budget of Rs 15 lakh through donations and have made irrigation arrangements for themselves. We know this very well that someone always becomes a victim of our system. Especially the farmers doing farming in villages are its victims. We keep hearing such news every day. Where farmers have been facing problems in some way or the other. A similar incident was seen with the farmers of Bilaigarh block where they had to face the indifference of the Panchayat and the government.

Farmers are facing a lot of irrigation problems

Gram Panchayat Bandari comes under Bilaigarh Assembly where the population is more than 1500. Most of the population here is dependent on farming. According to the villagers here, the agricultural extent of the village extends to about 750 acres, which is irrigated by the canal project originating from the Leech River. But, they are not getting water from that canal, due to which farmers are facing problems in irrigating their fields.

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The hard work done by farmers paid off

Farmers allege that they have been demanding irrigation system from the administration and Panchayat for the last 20 years. Despite this, irrigation system has not been provided to them till now. At present, the farmers here have taken amazing steps themselves, defying the government system. The villagers have collected donations and started the expansion of the pipeline with a budget of approximately Rs 15 lakh. Villagers say that a 15 horse power motor will be installed in the canal passing through the Leech River, which will provide water to 750 acres of agricultural land and irrigate the fields.

The attitude of the Panchayat in this regard also appears to be quite disappointing. 

Also, the farmers have termed the attitude of the Panchayat public representative as indifferent and said that the Panchayat was also asked to provide some help for irrigation. But till now no help of any kind has been received from them. Ultimately, when they were unable to get irrigation facilities from anywhere, the villagers themselves took a big step by collecting donations and expanding the pipeline. However, in such a situation, the expansion of the pipeline by the villagers at their own expense is raising questions on the very system of governance.