Which are the world’s largest and some of India's biggest tractors?

Published on: 20-Dec-2023

Farmer brothers, if you want to develop your understanding of mechanization then we will tell you about the same in the article. Let us tell you which is the biggest tractor in the world. If you are a farmer, then you can check only by reading this article. Is your tractor included among the largest tractors in the world or not? Technology is continuously increasing in every field, we can see proof of this in every area. Be it mobile phones or vehicles, we get to see the wonders of increasing technology in every field.

Due to technology, such big tractors have been manufactured today that when seen, it seems as if they are not tractors but big monsters or robots. 

Which is the world’s biggest tractor?

World’s biggest tractor is Big Bud 16V-747. This is the world's biggest tractor. Seeing this you will feel like you are looking at a monster. Talking about its length, it is 28 feet and its width is 20 feet. In fact it is very big in size. For your information let us tell you that its one tire is 8 feet high. It was manufactured in 1977, in which you get a 24 liter 16 cylinder diesel engine. This tractor has been provided with 6 speed transmitters, which significantly increases the capacity of this tractor. A 1000 liter diesel tank is installed in this tractor.

Features and prices of big and giant tractors of the world and India.

Eicher 557: Eicher 557 comes last among large and spacious tractors. The engine capacity of this tractor is 3300cc, this tractor can easily do any farming work in a few minutes. Not only this, its speed on the road is worth seeing. For this reason it is also used for washing purposes. These tractors come with a 3 cylinder and 50HP engine. This tractor comes with the facility of power steering. Also, its brake is immersed inside oil. This tractor can easily lift load from 1470 kg to 1850kg. You will get these tractors for Rs 6 lakh 25 thousand to Rs 6 lakh 60 thousand.

Massey Ferguson 7250 power up.

As we all know, Massey's name is also included in the big tractors. This tractor comes with 3 cylinders and 50HP engine, this tractor also comes with oil immersed brakes. Reverse PTO is also provided to you in this tractor. For your information, let us tell you that 60 liters of oil can be put in its diesel tank. The lifting capacity of this tractor is 2300 kg. The price of this tractor starts from 6 lakh 80 thousand and goes up to 7 lakh 50 thousand.

Farmtrac 60

This tractor is the best tractor in this category. This tractor comes with 3 cylinders and 50HP engine, like other tractors, oil immersed brakes are also installed in this tractor. In this tractor you also get a fully constant mesh gearbox, the lifting capacity of this tractor is 1800kg. This is a reliable tractor of farmers, you can buy this tractor for Rs 6 lakh to Rs 6 lakh 50.