In the upcoming days, farmers will get amazing benefits or will bear loss due to weather

Published on: 02-Dec-2023

As we all know, winters have recently knocked our doors. At present, a temperature suitable for crops will be useful. Whereas, not suitable temperature brings the danger from blight disease. India is currently facing season change. After summer, winters have knocked us very fast. According to the India Meteorological Department(IMD), this year's monsoon was average in India. Monsoon being average was good news to farmers. Actually, because of this, plants got good rain resulting in good crop yield. 

If we talk about capital Delhi, a fall in temperature was observed, which also increased chilling. According to IMD, the temperature in the first week of December will be average. Whereas a huge fall in temperature is less expected. According to the meteorological department, maximum temperature in capital Delhi will be 25°C till 4 December. And the minimum temperature will be upto 9°C.

Crops will get benefit by cold in upcoming days 

According to the news, winter will be colder in upcoming days. Crops benefit from cold only until the temperature is according to the bearing power of crops. In winters, infection in crops from disease and insects is usually less. Accumulation of nutrients also rises in crops. Along with this, crop production also increases. And when temperature is not suitable for crops, it creates a factor for loss. Too much cold can result in change in shape and colour of crops. Crops can face difficulties like dryness and blight.

Apart from this, crop production also decreases. Farmers can get more knowledge about weather on the official website of IMD or their mobile application can also be used. Doing this, they can attain knowledge of weather at the correct time. And can save their crops.

Farmer brothers should do this to attain better yield 

Farmer brothers should sow the crops at the right time to achieve better yield. Also, crops should be irrigated at regular intervals.

Regular pesticides should be sprayed to protect crops from disease and insects. During winters, plastic sheet or shed should be used to cover the crops.