Sowing of winter sugarcane by scientific method will prevent disease

By: Merikheti
Published on: 06-Nov-2023

To earn more production than sowing winter sugarcane, the farmers should accept this scientific method, so their crops don't get affected by any kind of disease & also a plenty of profit could be achieved in production capacity. In regards to such situations, we’ve brought some information about scientific sowing of sugarcane for the farmers today. Farmers have started sowing winter sugarcane in different states of India. In such a situation, if farmers sow sugarcane better in their fields, then they can get maximum profit. In this series, agricultural scientists have issued advice to take some precautions for sowing sugarcane. Actually, farmers should plow the field better to get the best yield of sugarcane. Along with this, high quality manure should also be added to the field, so that the crop can be increased rapidly. Also, there should be no disease of any kind in it.

Do these things before sowing winter sugarcane

Farmers, if they want to sow winter sugarcane recently inside their fields then they should first plough the field deeply, then add 10 tonnes of dung manure per hectare in the field. just to let you know that this is for the elimination of the diseases present in the field and for the crop to grow in a great & uncaptive manner. After this, you have to plough the field once again. After this, the soil has to be made uniform by running the leveller. After this, one can now sow sugarcane in the field with a single big method. To sow sugarcane by a single big method, farmers can easily plant 10-12 quintals of sugarcane seeds per hectare.

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Fertiliser during sugarcane sowing

During sugarcane sowing, provide 100 kg urea and 500 kg single super phosphate per hectare. At the same time, apply MOP - 100 kg per hectare, Zinc Sulphate - 25 kg per hectare, Regent - 25 kg per hectare, Bavaria Bassiana Metarhizium anisopliae - 5 kg per hectare, PSB - 10 kg per hectare, Azotobacter - 10 kg per hectare. During sugarcane sowing, use chemical fertilisers in proper and prescribed quantities.