Female farmer Smarika Chandrakar quit MNC company paying lakhs and chose farming

Published on: 16-Oct-2023

Today, in this article of Meri Kheti, we will tell you about a successful female farmer Smarika Chandrakar. The agricultural farm of the female farmer has brinjal and tomato on 19 acres. However, earlier there were other horticulture crops like cucumber, bitter gourd and gourd in the same field. Actually, the childhood of Smarika is spent in the village, after which she has gone to Pune to study. However, she again settled in the village itself. Now she is a self -sufficient farmer.

Agriculture has also become a business. The production of fruits, vegetables and grains has also been increased compared to the latest and advanced techniques. This has increased the income of farmers significantly. This is the reason that now educated youth are also leaving the job of millions of rupees a month and are moving towards farming. But, today we will give information about a young woman who became a millionaire from farming after leaving the job. Currently other people are also learning  cultivation from the woman.

Smarika Chandrakar is originally from where

Actually, the woman we are discussing about, her name is Smarika Chandrakar. She is a native of Chhakudiya village of Kurud block in Dhamtari district of Chhattisgarh. Smarika Chandrakar is an MBA student from Pune Maharashtra. Also, she has also done BE in computer science. Earlier she used to work in a multinational company on an annual package of Rs 15 lakh. Everything was going well. During this time, her  father's health deteriorated. This  proved to be a turning point for Smarika Chandrakar.

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Smarika Chandrakar is getting tremendous production from horticulture

Smarika Chandrakar says that her father has a lot of land in the village. He started vegetable cultivation on 23 acres of land in the year 2020. However, due to poor health, they were not able to cultivate better. In such a situation, Smarika Chandrakar left the job and started cooperating with his father in farming. After seeing it, she started farming on all his territories scientifically. She also selected the crop according to the quality of the soil. Due to this, she started getting tremendous production.

The supply of vegetables of Smarika  Chandrakar is in many states

Smarika  Chandrakar spent a few rupees and made hee  farm a modern agricultural farm. The advantage of this is that now 12 tonnes of tomatoes and 8 tons of brinjal are being produced daily from the agricultural farm of  Smarika Chandrakar. The annual turnover of the smarika is more than one crore rupees. The main thing is that the smarika is not only earning from farming, but has also provided employment to 150 people. The brinjal and tomato grown in the smarika farm are also supplied in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Delhi.