Where is the world's most expensive potato grown?

Published on: 29-Dec-2023

Today we will tell you about the best variety of potato. World's most expensive potato is from France. Le Bonnotte is known as the most expensive potato in the world because of its distinct taste. It is sold for 50000-90000 rupees per kg. Potatoes are known as the king of vegetables and they have a special place in our lives. Because potatoes have a good taste and texture. Sometimes if not other dishes potato is also widely used for snacks. Commonly potatoes are eaten with puri. Because it is cheap and blends with most of the dishes. Currently dissolved for 10 to 15 rupees kg and year round its prices go up to 50 rupees Max. But do you know there are variety of potatoes that are sold for the prices of gold and silver.

In which country is Le bonnotte potato produced? 

Le Bonnotte is only grown in France. 1 kg of this potato is so expensive that a middle class family can buy its groceries for the entire year at the price of 1 kg Le Bonnotte potatoes. It is sold for 50000-90000 rupees per kg. Now the surprising thing is that despite being so expensive, Le Bonnotte continues to be purchased in large quantities. The reason for this is its low yield. It is only produced between May and June. Even though its prices are very high, people are always willing to buy it. 

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How much is this potato production? 

What makes this potato so you need is its taste which is due to a special type of farming and is done only on 50 square meters of sandy soil. To grow it, seaweed is used as fertilizer. It is traditionally produced on the French island of Noimortier off the coast of the Loire region of the Atlantic Ocean. After cultivation, about 2500 people are engaged for seven days to select the potatoes. Out of the 10,000 tonnes of potato crop, only 100 tonnes are produced which are Le Bonnette. 

How does this variety of potato taste? 

If we talk about the taste of Le Bonnotte, it taste like lemon salt and walnut which is not found in any other variety of potato. It is very soft and fragile. It is said that this is made by just boiling it, and is served with butter and sea salt. It is small and almost identical to a golf ball. It's creamy and white from one side. The price of this potato varies every year according to its availability. But, till date it has been sold only between Rs 50,000 to Rs 90,000 per kg.