Know about the most expensive vegetable of world-hop shoots

Published on: 25-Dec-2023

Farmers, in this article today we are going to tell you about the most expensive vegetable of this world. The name of this vegetable is hop shoots. If we talk about the price of this vegetable, it is around one lakh per kilogram. Generally farmers don't even know about such expensive vegetables. Common can only imagine vegetables ranging from 200 rupees to 500 rupees per kg. It's very rare for you to know about this vegetable. So let us introduce you to a vegetable, which is sold in the market at a rate of one lakh per kilogram. For your kind information, a vegetable named hop shoots is sold at the rate of one lakh per kilogram in the market. According to reports, it is the most expensive vegetable in the world. It costs around 80 thousand to one lakh rupees. It's cultivation doesn't need much effort and hard work. Read this also: you will be shocked after knowing about this vegetable which is treated as ayurvedic medicine. 

Taste and nutrition value of hop shoots 

Talking about the taste of this vegetable hop shoots, it has a bitter taste. But after getting prepared it tastes sweet. It is used as salad, suip etc. Generally, it is used only by very rich or financially strong people. Actually, it is stated in some reports that hop shoots have many vitamins present in it. Along with this, many antioxidants are also present which help in curing multiple diseases. It also increases body immunity against cancer.

How can you produce hop shoots at home? 

With the help of this article, let us tell you that this vegetable hop shoots costing one lakh rupees can be grown at home also. It needs sunlight to grow. Now, as this hop shoots needs sunlight, it needs at least 6 hours of light. Along with this, hop shoots also need soil with good moisture. Apart from this, hop shoots also need fertilisers like manures. Hop shoots are prepared after almost 2 months of sowing. Let us tell you that during this time period, it need good care to be taken of.