What has the Yogi government announced for farmers in the budget?

Published on: 07-Feb-2024

Lakhs of farmers in the state will benefit from the new announcements of the government. In these schemes, there has been mention of providing direct economic benefits to the farmers ranging from crops and irrigation. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath's government has presented the budget in Uttar Pradesh. Some big gifts have been provided to the farmers in this budget. 

Finance Minister of Uttar Pradesh Government, Suresh Khanna has announced it while presenting the budget. These new announcements of the government will benefit lakhs of farmers in the state. In these schemes, there is mention of irrigation of crops and providing direct economic benefits to the farmers. 

These facilities were announced in the UP budget 

The Uttar Pradesh government has lifted the ban on new private tube well connections in the dark zone. About one lakh farmers will benefit from this decision of the Uttar Pradesh government. Along with this, the price of early varieties of sugarcane has been increased from Rs 350 to Rs 370 for the crushing season 2023-2024. The price of common variety sugarcane has been increased from Rs 340 to Rs 360. Along with this, the price of unsuitable varieties of sugarcane has been increased from Rs 335 to Rs 355. Along with this, seasonal tariff benefits and the facility of temporary electrical connectors have also been provided for the irrigation of Rabi crops in the Bundelkhand area. 

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Yogi government increased the pension of women farmers 

In the budget, the Uttar Pradesh government has also provided a lot of benefits to those women farmers whose husbands have died. Earlier, ₹500 per month was being provided by the government as a destitute women's pension. But, now it has been increased to a 3thousand rupees. Under the Women Farmer Empowerment Project, these women will also be provided technical support by forming 200 producer groups.