By sowing these five varieties of garlic, you can get better yield

By: Merikheti
Published on: 02-Nov-2023

Farmers can get more money in less time by cultivating garlic. Farmers can easily earn ten to fifteen lakh rupees from garlic crop only. But to get good production from the garlic crop, farmers should know some important information. In fact, garlic is done neither in much heat or in much cold season. Overall, the month of October-November is best for garlic as this month has low cold and low heat. If you  want to cultivate garlic, then you also need to know from which varieties you can earn good profits. Here we will give you information about the top five advanced varieties of garlic which give more yields.

How much yield does the top five advanced varieties of garlic give

For your information let us tell you that these top five advanced varieties of garlic get ready in 140-170 days, and are also capable of yielding up to 125-200 quintals/hectares. These five advanced varieties of garlic are named Yamuna White-2 (G-50), Type 56-4 Variety, G 282 variety, Solan variety and Agrifound White (G-41). Let us now know in detail about these varieties.

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Top five advanced varieties of garlic

Yamuna white-2 (G-50)-This variety of garlic is quite solid and its pulp is of creamy color. The yield of this variety can be found in 165–170 days and produces 130–140 quintals per hectare. 

Type 56-4 variety- Punjab Agricultural University has developed Husan type 56-4 variety. The lumps of this garlic are small and white. There are 25 to 34 buds in this variety. It gives an excellent yield of 150 to 200 quintals per hectare. 

G 282 variety- This variety of garlic is very white, whose lumps are big. Farmers can produce 175 to 200 quintals per hectare from the G 282 variety. In the field, this variety gets ready in 140 to 145 days.

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Solan Variety - Himachal Pradesh Agricultural University has made Solan variety of garlic. This type of garlic is very thick. Scientists say that the Solan Garlic variety gives more productivity than other varieties. 

Agrifound white (G-41)-This variety of garlic tubers contain 20-25 buds. It gets ready to be sold in 160–165 days. Farmers can yield up to 125-130 quintals per hectare from garlic's Agrifound White (G-41) variety.