You will be surprised to know the length of the Narendra Shivani variety bottle gourd.

Published on: 06-Oct-2023

 Our Farmer can earn a good income by cultivating bottle gourds of the Narendra Shivani variety. Apart from vegetables, gourd is used in preparing sweets, raita, pickle, kofta, kheer, etc. Various types of medicines are also manufactured from it. Because of the benefits of eating bottle gourd, doctors also advise patients to consume it. These days, the bottle gourd grown by the Agriculture Faculty of Mangalyatan University located in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh has become the center of attraction. The reason is that its color and taste are similar to that of the common gourd. But, it looks completely different. The length of the gourd of the Narendra Shivani variety is about five feet. Professors and students of the Faculty of Agriculture have just prepared this bottle of gourd crop for obtaining seeds. Farmers can get excellent profits from the production of this variety of crops.

Bottle gourd farmers are being made aware

Vice Chancellor of the University Prof. PK Dashora says that this gourd is being grown in the university to make farmers aware and to prepare pure seeds. He says that bottle gourd is a unique vegetable that is also used as medicine, musical instruments, decorations, etc. He has said that the university will make the farmers aware as well as train them to earn good profits from the improved varieties.

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What do experts have to say on this?

Let us tell you that the Chairman of the Agriculture Department, Prof. Pramod Kumar says that this bottle gourd crop was sown in July. The average production of this variety is 700-800 quintals per hectare. Its yield can be up to one thousand quintals per hectare. The taste and nutrients of this variety are similar to other species. It contains protein 0.2 percent, fat 0.1 percent, fiber 0.8 percent, sugar 2.5 percent, energy 12 kcal, and moisture 96.1 percent. Besides, round fruit variety Narendra Shishir has also been produced. Its seeds will also be ready by December.

How to cultivate bottle gourd

For your information, to cultivate this species of bottle gourd, choose good quality bottle gourd seeds. While selecting a bottle gourd farm, choose a good location. To sow its seeds, choose good weather between March and April. The distance between gourd plants should be 1.5-2.5 meters. Irrigate the plants regularly.