This state is providing a 70% subsidy for the cultivation of marigold.

Marigold flowers are mostly used in worship. Along with this, marigold is also used in decorating houses and pavilions in weddings. This is the reason why there is constant demand for it in the market throughout the year. Therefore if farmers practise its cultivation they can maximise their profits with minimal investment.

In addition to producing conventional crops, farmers in Bihar practise large-scale horticulture. Farmers, in particular, are becoming increasingly interested in the production of roses and marigolds. As a result, farmers' incomes have improved significantly. Farmers here produce crops that are in high demand not just in Bihar but even outside of the state. Many farmers in the state have had their lives dramatically altered as a result of flower growing.

The Bihar government is providing incentives to enhance the area of flower cultivation.

However, the Bihar government wants the number of farmers planting flowers in the state to expand at a quicker rate. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's government intends to offer large incentives to expand the state's flower growing sector. Actually, the Bihar government claims that flowers are a commercial crop. If the state's farmers produce flowers, their revenue will increase. In such a case, they would be able to have a happy existence.

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The Bihar government is providing a 70% grant.

This is why the Bihar government has decided to provide a considerable payment to farmers planting flowers via the Integrated Horticulture Development Mission Scheme. The Nitish government presently provides a 70% subsidy for marigold farming. If farmer brothers wish to apply for this grant, they may do so by visiting the Horticulture Department's official website. For additional details about the initiative, farmer brothers can go to

The government of Bihar has established the unit cost per acre.

The Bihar government has fixed the unit cost per hectare for marigold farming at Rs 40 thousand. Let us notify you that a 70% award will be available on top of this. If the farmer brothers plant marigold on one hectare, the state government would provide them Rs 28 thousand free of charge. Apply as soon as possible to benefit from the Kisan Bhai Yojana.